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Readers Respond: You Grew Up in Queens, NY - Where Did You End Up?

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Grewup Astoria

Hi Barbara, I grew up on 25th Ave. between 43rd and 44rd streets. I also miss Astoria, especially 38th street and all the fun. Still in touch with several people from there. I ended up on Long Island, but there was no place like Astoria in the 60's.
—Guest Cathy25b

Growing up on 197 The dead end

I lived on 197 and Jamaica Ave..hung out on the dead end .all the time..looking for some of my old friends
—Guest Denise

Astoria forever

I grew up on 31st Avenue between 33rd and 34th Street in Astoria. Went to PS 5, JHS 126 and Bryant HS. It was a very different time and place. Families didn't have much money but we didn't know that at the time. We were happy with what we had. Remember the Strand, Astoria, Tirboro and Steinway movie houses. Where on Saturdays you brought your lunch with you and spent the day at the movies? We played outside for hours and had many friends that became part of our families. I moved 2 miles away to Woodside Queens so I still feel like I am an Astorian. Where have the good old days gone? Miss them.
—Guest Barbara

Beatiful 70's

Am from Argentina,but I spent 43 years in Middle Village,times of Spinning Wheels Bar,Sal's Pizzeria,Silver Barns,WY candy store where a lots of kids of Resurreccion Ascencion worked part-time.Also enjoyed Juniper Park ..with my Porsche 930turbo triple black,my red Ferrari 308GTS & my Lamborghini Countach.Am pretty sure they all remember my cars in Middle Village.Also the Discos. Oh my God what a beautiful 70's.Now I lived in South America.But I was back in the hood 2 weeks ago including January 7th.the coldest day in over a 100 years. Thank you God for having me 43 yeras in Middle Village.
—Guest Mario loli

I wound up in California

Don't ask me how, I just did. I'm trying to escape.
—Guest Chris

queens in the 60's 70's

79-05 147th Street...it's one address that's burned in my brain. we lived in flushing, astroria, couple of other places...i remember our apt on 78th Road..went to PS 164 f..indoor playground...went to st nicholas of tolentine in jamaica...great memories of summers & long days @ rockaway bch....dad had a store "la pizzaria"....we would run there after school and polish all the chrome...then we ate 1slice of pizza, had 1small carton of milk and 1slice of pre-wrapped pound cake...it never crossed my mind to have more than 1slice of pizza...after we ate, dad would give us each a nickel to pick 3 songs from the juke box...we would dance on wooden pepsi boxes to the supremes, the rolling stones & the beatles...afterwards we would run home or sometimes we would pick a person to spy on &follow them around/hiding in doorways..we would make up stories about them..loved italian ices 5 cents..Butternut & Sprint bars, Bazooka gum, train rides w/Chiclets for a penny, jewish delis..memories..miss it


My family moved from Harlem to St.Albans,Queens in 1954. We then moved to Hollis, Queens and then at age 12 we moved to Cambria Heights where I have lived more than 30 plus years. This community is rich with Carribean history as well as others from the African dispora However it is never represented in the top Queens restaraunts news coverage. Come to Cambria Heights for great eats and cultural beauty.
—Guest folami fona


Family moved to Woodward Ave. from Brooklyn in 1949. Went to PS 193 and then Grover Cleveland HS. Attended Emmaus Luth. Church. Went to Concordia Jr. College, Valparaiso Univ. (Indiana) and Univ. of Toronto (MSW). Married and residing in Toronto, Ontario. Have four children and six grandchildren.
—Guest Linda Lazarou


I was born and raised in Bayside, went to PS31, PS612 and Bayside High School. Married and had 2 children which I raised in Astoria. Lived most of my married life in Astoria, and then remarried moving to College Point, where my son and grandson presently live. Moved up to Deposit, NY after retiring. Lost my husband in 2010, but decided to stay in Deposit. Presently living there.
—Guest Bernice "Ginger" Thies-Thomas


grew up on rockaway blvd 145st.142st an also 132st now living in fresno ca its like 2 different worlds no lie I grew up in a hard hood south side is real homie but im glad im where im at got kids an a family so im good even though I miss my hood living there is crazy some things never stop out there ok said to much shout 2 john adams and everybody on rockaway blvd and southside
—Guest bgod

Middle Village Home

I was born and lived on 79th Street near Cooper Avenue. Me and my husband moved in 93 to a country home with a few horses in upstate NY. My family has a very long history in Middle Village. My grandmother was born there in 1902, my mother in 1924, and me and my sisters later on. We were all baptized and married at Trinity Lutheran Church, mostly in the "church in the cemetery" and some in the new church on Dry Harbor Road. Many memories of attending school at PS 87, JHS 119, Grover Cleveland, playing handball and hanging out in the small park with Tony's market and Entwhistle's (Kitty’s) candy store across the street, Nick and Andy's, Carlo’s Pizza, shopping at Scheinfeld's and Jamron’s and the Arion. Middle Village will always feel like "home" to me.
—Guest Cathy M

I grew up in Middle Village

My family settled in MV in 1900 and until 1993 someone in the family has always lived there. I have great memories of playing in the park on 69th street, going to the Arion theater on Saturday's for the matinees for 50 cents!!, shopping on Metropolitan Avenue and riding my bike "all the way" to Juniper Valley park, and of course playing stoop ball in front of the house.I attended PS 87, JHS 119 and Grover Cleveland High School. After I married, in Trinity Lutheran Church in the Lutheran cemetary I moved to Bayside; Tampa, Florida; back to Douglaston; then to New Orleans; San Jose; and now I've lived in San Diego for the past 32 years. My two daughters, their husbands and my grandchildren all live in San Diego. My two sisters have moved to upstate New York and New Jersey but we will always consider Middle Village our home.
—Guest Diane Boggs

I am and will always be..... Queens

Grew up in Ozone Park on City Line til 1977. Parents moved me and sis to Texas. Got Homesick the older I got so I moved back to NY in 2012 to Long Island. Am finally making my way back to the City and will be very shortly living in LIC/ Hunterspoint. I am never leaving !!! I will die in NY a Queens Boy.
—Guest Dom

Maspeth Grand Ave

I llived at Grand Ave and 66 St in an apartment bldg., I moved in 1957 to St James NY but have looked back at many good times in Maspeth. Do you remember Stokes ice cream store or Queens Roller Rink in Rego Park, Attended St Stanislaus School and Grover Cleveland High School. Maspeth Movie Threater every Saturday.
—Guest Art Rivers

Grew up in Astoria

Hi Barbara, I lived on 25th Ave between 43rd and 44th st. I also miss Astoria and often wondered where you ended up. I live on LI but Astoria is my home. Good times, especially the fun on 38th st. Cathy
—Guest Barbara

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You Grew Up in Queens, NY - Where Did You End Up?

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