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Readers Respond: You Grew Up in Queens, NY - Where Did You End Up?

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Moved to Hawaii

My family moved from Cobble Hill, Brooklyn to Flushing (near Union Turnpike-- called Fresh Meadows or Utopia today) in 1939, when I was five. Went to Catholic high school in Manhattan. Went to Cornell U. Joined the Coast Guard, served in Alaska and California. Worked in LA in aerospace, then retired in 1987 to the Big Island of Hawaii. NYC is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to lives there: too crowded, too cold. Queens was a nice place to grow up: during the war, we played stickball in the street (no cars!)

Hollis...Great place to have grown.

I grew up on 186th Street between Hillside Ave and Jamaica in Hollis. I agree with a lot of the comments here. Playing a myriad of games outside till dark, shade of the big trees now mostly gone, going into the "City", riding bikes to other neighborhoods, diversity of people, friends wih varied backgrounds. Ended up in Central Jersey nice area but I miss the activity, hustle and bustle. Here you can't get anywhere without a car. My kids grew up in a rather homogenous environment. Also, I was amazed at the lack of kids playing outside even in summer! Apparently everyone goes to camp. I sent my kids to camp also because if they stayed home they would have had no one to play with. Shout out to the Hollis Kids!
—Guest Guest sandyp

Where did you wind up?

I was born and raised in Middle Village. I had a few apartments with friends in my 20's...Maspeth, Elmhurst, Rego Park & Sunnyside. Got married and moved to Jackson Heights with my husband. We've been up in the beautiful mountains of Greene County for the last 24 years. We both have wonderful memories of Queens and look forward to this newsletter each week to "bring us back." We race to the computer each Thursday to guess "where in Queens" first. Keep up the great work John!
—Guest Helen Hauswald


Lived in Maspeth- graduated Newtown High School. Children went to Grover Cleveland. Never thought I would live anywhere else but here I am in Clearwater, Fl. Love it- no more shoveling snow.
—Guest alscar

Glendale Girl

I was born and raised in Glendale where my parents moved to in 1955 and my mom, sister and neice still live. I remember playing stoop ball, dodge ball and rollerskating in the street. I moved to 'upper Glendale' when I married lived there for 5 years then to Middle Village for another 3. Bought a house and moved to Westbury and now back to Forest Hills after 27 years! Here now for 3 years and glad to be back to the activity in the city. I've seen a lot of changes but all positive!
—Guest Violet

Grew up in Pomonok Houses

I grew up in the Pomonok projects, went to P.S. 200 and St. Nicholas of Tolentine. I'm 50 now, and live in Nova Scotia. I'm a Queens boy at heart, and often think about long summer afternoons at the Rockaways, Flushing Meadows, Shea Stadium, skating at Kissena Park. Cheers to all!
—Guest kevin N

Remember the orig. L.I. Press?

Born in Forest Hills. Grew up in North Flushing/Whitestone and moved to The Hewlett-East Rockaway area of Nassau County and later back to NE Queens before moving to California. I'm 51 years old now, and have been living in California the last 33 years. Definitely feel more of a Californian than a New Yorker, however I have great memories of my childhood in 1960's - 70's era Queens. Back then it was soo much less crowded and downtown Whitestone (14th Avenue/150th St) was still very much a small town. Even today's bustling Flushing is unrecognizable as it to seemed like the downtown of a small city of its own, rather than a neighborhood of New York, with it's numerous historical landmarks and beautiful old homes. Those memories will always live with me even if the Flushing and greater NE Queens of my childhood no longer exist as they once were.
—Guest alangregg

Grew up in Flu-shing!!

Born and raised on 164th and 29th ave. Used to hang out by the LIRR Broadway tracks, Bowne park, Northern Blvd. I loved growing up in Queens, we all played in the streets and had a blast. I would dream of going to the Village when I was 11years old and when we finally did you couldn't get me to leave Manhattan. I went to Francis Lewis and yes I graduated by the skin of my teeth. I tended bar at Divers Cove on Francis Lewis Blvd for years, I miss everyone there... great bar. I hung out with a lot of jazz musicians in Manhattan, I miss the Beacon theater, Hammerstein ball room, Irving plaza, Bowery ball room, and of course the Wet Lands was so cool... and many more great venues. I left NY on Sept 11th 2001, I was tending bar on the upper west side at that time, I moved to Cleveland...great times, then South Florida really great times, now I am living in New Mexico, finishing up my bachelors degree, planning on moving to Seattle, Washington. Life is way too short to live in one state!
—Guest Danigirl

Some good memories, but...

It's hard not to wax poetic when I remember childhood in Beechhurst (part of the larger Whitestone). Chickens, yes, actual chickens, kept in the back of a small 3 story "apartment" building near our home. Yes, we were always playing tag, stickball or "potsy" outside on the street. That's where our mothers would send us between school and dinner when we complained of boredom (no TV, although other lucky ones had an 8", b&w version that suffered frequently from "interference"). We had a "party line" telephone and would sometimes listen in on neighbors' conversations. But, antiSemitism and racism was rampant and normal and women had few options beyond marriage upon high school graduation (or more advanced aspirations like teaching, nursing or becoming a secretary). The 50's might have been fun for advantaged kids who knew nothing more than the confines of their very limited lives. There was, however, a far larger reality.

Always a Queens Girl

I was born in Queens & lives in the Bowne Park area until was married. Then bought a house exactly 4 blocks away from my original home!? After 12 years my husband & I decided to give New Hampshire a try. Lasted 4 years couldn't take the isolation, so back we moved to Fresh Meadows & will hopefully live happily ever after. Can't take this girl away from the action! Have many a story to tell about growing up in Queens, wouldn't change a thing.

Queens Village kid

Grew up on Murdock Ave near Springfield. Like so many others have mentioned, we played stickball and hide-and-go-seek in the street, waited for the ice-cream truck to arrive on summer nights, and - as we got into high school - learned to ride the subways into Manhattan and other venues. Riding bicycles to Alley Pond Park with friends among some of my truly Queens memories.
—Guest alair1

Queensbridge housing project

Neighbors were Miriam and eugene WEIXEl and famous parents and upstairs were Junie and charlie LEFTCOURT. It was heaven on earth for a kid back in the day from 1948 to 19 about 60 ish. Junie, e mail me!! Miriam did and still lives in nyc in manhattan. I have fibromyalgia and cant take the cold, noise or hassle anymore. and there is pretty fair shopping plus gardening 24/7 where i live now so its ok.

Grew up in Long Island City and Astoria

we didnt need to lock our doors and the neighbors were wonderful. My mother ran the kitchen at the ravenswood senior center until she passed. Ended up in nw fla and the catskills sometimes in the summers. It was such a great place to be young!! Was my prom queen and graduated when i was only 15. Here in the south where i am, it is not snowy and cold but the people are ignorant and unkind mostly. Its tiresome, really but i am too old now to care much either way anyway. The city is for the very hyper, young or very rich and way too stressful for this old lady now.

Enjoying life in Arizona.

Born 1926 at 228 E. 89th St. Yorkville, Manhattan. Moved to 5730 59th St., Maspeth in 1934 for one year, then to 5714 Catalpa Ave., Ridgewood in 1935. Went to St. Matthias School and Grover Cleveland High School. Spent many happy hours in the Silver Court Tavern at 6817 Forest Ave. Got married in 1961. Lived at 5927 Madison St., for 10 years. In 1971 moved to 263 Lamoka Place, West Islip, Long Island. Retired in 1991 and am now living in Sun City West, Arizona.

I grew up in Ridgewood

Fond memories of Grover Cleveland, and the neighborhood. I'm in California due to work, but I dream of coming home to New York.
—Guest Chris

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