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Readers Respond: The best and worst of Ridgewood

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Best About Ridgewood

Does anybody know whatever happened to the Anthony Scarcia family the owners of Tony' CANDY store across from PS77? People that hung out in Halsey or Knickerbocker prks might know. Thanxs.

Softball in the seventies

I remember playing softball for the Depot bar on Fresh Pond Road, near the bus depot, in 1974. Bar was owned by Richie Kerns and Joe Daley, and we played games on concrete, on Sundays, always going back to the bar after the games. Was a wonderful time and I'll always remember it.
—Guest Liadman


i remenber sleeping on firescape on thoses hot nights no a/s 1n the 50s 4 us lived on irving ave and grove st went to st brigids we had no money but we had fun did not need high tech toys we played stick ball / box ball.ace queen king / hand ball / remenber skellies with the bottle caps (may be spelt wrong) we ride are bikes and not affraid to stay out late was such a diffreant time love to be bact there
—Guest richieerickson

Looking for name of ice cream parlor

I am looking for the name of the ice cream parlor that my grandparents used to run at 687 Seneca Avenue. I believe they closed it around 1970. There names were Ernst and Marie Marcordes. My e-mail is "thedoogster200@yahoo.com. I grew up in Ridgewood in the 1970's and 1980's
—Guest mark

Teenage yrs in Ridgewood

My teenage yrs were living on palmetto and Onderdonk. Hung out there also in the 1970s.Went to JHS 93. Graduating class of 1974. Got married in 1979 and moved to Madison St between Onderdonk and Seneca.
—Guest Julie

Looking for class mates of 1969-70

We're an american-hungarian family, had a house on Gates ave.. My bro Joey, sis Maria and I (graduated in 1970) went to St. Brigid's school. In 1970, I was sent away to Switzerland for one year; still living there, but my family's in the USA :-( I'd love to get in contact with kids who were in my class or lived in my neighbourhood*, Only recall a few names: Darlene Massucci, Erika Hess, Mary McLaughlin, Mary Kennedy, Steven Koch*. Hope to hear from one of you..
—Guest Melinda EDE

Great place to grow up

I lived on Putnam ave in the 50s and 60s. I remember Schwabs butcher store on Putnam Rudys bakery on Seneca ave and candy stores, too many to mention. I played stickball, stoopball.and pitched cards. There were mostly German, some Italian and Irish families. I went to P.S. 93 , JHS 93 and to Grover Cleveland H.S. Most of my friends went to St Matthias I moved out of the area in 1972.

good ole ridgewood

I loved Ridgewood, grew up 44'-72. I lived at 1042 seneca ave. between norman & stephen st. went to St. Matthais grad 1957. i remember barbara mule'. alice phelan, joan stahl, margaret eppich, . grovercleveland grad june 61'. Married Ed Ansley, he was a trackman for NYCTA. Myrtle ave was awsome. far to many good memories for here. walk everywhere. rode bikes to highlans park. Murkens icecream palor, gotleibs urdands, chow mein sandwiches. st. matthais barzars, fr. march, mon. wunch, singing jingle bells before christmas break, if we sang really loud we would get christmas vac. movie theathers, ridgewood terrace. saw my first female impersonater down on wychoff & myrtle. hangin out at tony's candy store, phol ragusa, charlie osonitsch, john schwedw, john poser, they would sing doo wop. It was a great place, went to cypress pools. Anyone rember Old toney rd? I could just go on on.
—Guest Janet


was wondering if anyone knows a susan russel she live on wycoff and grove over the backery went to st brigids in 1955/58 let me know ty
—Guest richieerickson

Ridgewood Alumni

http://www.facebook.com/Bobw92758 Ridgewood Alumni Check us out, you might find someone you know.
—Guest Bob Williams

Ridgewood Alumni

Hello, My Name Bob I grew up in Ridgewood in the 60's 1711 gates ave, Then the late 60's to 70's 1875 Grove. Went to ps 81 & ps 93 Then HS Queens Vocational Grad 76 I have a web page on Face Book Called Ridgewood Alumni I will post the link lots of pictures. http://www.facebook.com/Bobw92758 Come and see maybe you will find someone you knew Bob.
—Guest Bob Williams

Ridgewood, Brooklyn

I grew up on the Brooklyn side of Ridgewood on Stockholm St. between Irving and Wyckoff. Went to St. Aloysius, graduated in 68.
—Guest Kevin Murphy

Ridgewood Memories

Lived in my grandmothers home (Anna Berding) on Palmetto St until we moved to Jersey in 1964. We kept the house in Ridgewood until my grandmother died. Does anyone remember my grandmother Anna or Mom Jeanne and Uncle Richard from Ridgewood in the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's?
—Guest Donna

knickboxer ave woolworth

my mom worked in the woolworth on knickboker ave in 1955 through 59 was a great place 4 root bear floats lol

st brigid school

hi i grew up on irving ave near grove st went to st brigid school till 1958 then to bushwick hs would love to here from someone from that time was such a great area

Your bests and worsts

The best and worst of Ridgewood

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