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Top 5 Outdoor Weddings in Queens


Spring is in the air, and wedding season is almost upon us.

Here are five great venues for outdoor weddings in Queens, New York. They also make ideal spots for wedding photographs. Good luck and good weather to all brides and grooms!

1. Queens Botanical Garden

Queens Botanical Gardens
Photo (c) John Roleke
The garden chapel is ideal for exchanging vows. And all of the Queens Botanical Garden is perfect for wedding photos. Contact the Garden's wedding office for prices and reservations for both ceremonies and photos - 718-886-3800 ext.201.

2. Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden
Photo (c) John Roleke
Yes! During the summer the beautiful beer garden and its tall Linden trees are available for wedding receptions and other special events. Prices start at $1,000. Contact the restaurant manager for details - 718-274-4925.

3. Astoria Park

Astoria Park Track
(c) J. Roleke
Get married right on the East River waterfront with Manhattan as the backdrop. Spectacular! Spectacular! Contact NYC Parks Special Events for prices, permits, and reservations.

4. Forest Park

Forest Park
Photo Credit: Daniel Avila / NYC Parks & Recreation
The most beautiful park in Queens, its shady trees will be most appreciated on a hot day. Contact NYC Parks Special Events for prices and reservations.

5. Queens County Farm Museum

Queens County Farm Museum
Photo (c) John Roleke
Stun your out of town guests with a New York City wedding on an honest to goodness farm. The Queens County Farm Museum has indoor and outdoor settings for your wedding party (prices start at $500). And the young ones attending your wedding won't be bored, but running around to feed the animals and go for hay-rides.
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