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Thai Restaurants in Queens, NY

Read reviews of tasty Thai Restaurants in Queens, New York.

Best Thai Restaurants in Queens
Readers recommend their picks for the best Thai restaurants in Queens, New York.

Top 5 Thai Restaurants in New York City
The top five Thai restaurants in New York City, most of which are in Queens.

Sripraphai Thai Restaurant in Woodside
Sripraphai serves standard Thai dishes but with authentic Thai flavors. This Thai restaurant is unlike any other in Queens. Unfortunately, it's crowded, so come here for the food but not to linger.

Sweet Basil Thai Restaurant in Woodside
Sweet Basil is a small, neighborhood Thai restaurant in Woodside that lives up to its sweet name with its warm service. The menu is small compared to nearby Sripraphai, but the flavors are big. Sweet Basil is a great backup when your plans to eat at Sripraphai are thwarted by a line that stretches out the door.

Arharn Thai Restaurant
Arharn Thai Restaurant is a very good choice for a casual Thai meal. Entrees are $6-$9 with fried fish dishes starting at $12. Some dishes aren't printed on the menu. Ask for the country soup. Best of all for visitors, it's a close walk to the Museum of the Moving Image.

Arunee Thai in Jackson Heights
Arunee Thai in Jackson Heights, serves the classic menu of a Thai eatery in America to a tee. The quality of the food and service combined with the affordable prices makes it a must for a casual weekday dinner or an introduction to Thai cuisine.

Green Papaya Thai Cuisine in Flushing, NY
Green Papaya Thai Cuisine is a Thai restaurant, in the heart of Flushing's Chinatown, that serves high quality meals at reasonable prices. Try their rich, bold curries and daily specials for a casual dinner or lunch.

Khao Homm Thai Cuisine
Khao Homm Thai Cuisine serves some of the best Thai food in Woodside. This restaurant stands out not just for its delicious food but also for its attention to service, decor, and presentation.

Thai Restaurants in Astoria
Enjoy a round-up of the best Thai restaurants in Astoria, Queens.

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