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How Many Languages Are Spoken in Queens, NY?


Question: How Many Languages Are Spoken in Queens, NY?
Answer: More languages are spoken in the borough of Queens, NY, than in any other area in New York City, New York State, or the whole United States. (London claims the title for most linguistically diverse city in the world.) Approximately 138 languages are spoken in Queens (according to NY State Comptroller).

Top Ten Languages Spoken in Queens

  1. English (vast majority)
  2. Spanish
  3. Chinese
  4. Korean
  5. Italian
  6. Greek
  7. Russian
  8. Tagalog (Filipino)
  9. French
  10. French Creole
English is spoken at home by the vast majority, followed by Spanish at roughly 25.
  • Spanish-speaking at home 485,046 or 23%
  • The other languages are spoken by much smaller numbers.
  • According to the US Census 2000, SF3, PCT10

According to the 2000 Census, more than half of Queens residents, ages 5 and older, speak a language other than English at home.

  • Residents speaking a language at home other than English - 1,120,455 or 54%

Just over a quarter of the population isn't exactly fluent in English.

  • Residents who speak English less than "very well" - 580,368 or 28%
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