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Basics About Queens, NY: Facts and Figures About Queens, New York

The basics about Queens, New York. plus an lists, statistics, demographics, and FAQs, including population data.
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Getting Your Bearings in Queens
This brief orientation to Queens, New York, includes information on neighborhoods, streets, landmarks, postal zones, highways, and other geography to help you navigate the borough.

Is Queens on Long Island?
Yes. Queens is on Long Island. The New York City boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn are both on the very aptly named Long Island, on the western side of Long Island. But often people mean Nassau and Suffolk Counties when they say "Long Island," not Queens or Brooklyn.

What is the Population of Queens, NY?
Queens is the second largest borough of New York City. Learn more about its population.

Is Queens a Suburb of New York or Part of the City?
Queens, NY, is part of New York City, and though not as densely populated as Manhattan, it is one of the largest urban centers in the United States. At the same time, parts of Queens look and feel like the suburbs.

How Did Queens Gets Its Name? - The Naming Origin of Queens, New York
Queens is a peculiar name for a borough of New York City. Sounds like it was named after a queens, but who? Learn the history and origin of the borough's name.

How Many Languages Are Spoken in Queens, NY?
Discover how many languages are spoken in Queens, the most diverse county in the United States and the world.

What's the Drinking Age in New York?
What's the Drinking Age in New York?

Sales Tax in New York
Sales tax in New York State and New York City.

Queens Job Search
Queens job search? Here are a list of resources and companies where you can start your search for a job in the borough of Queens, New York.

5 Songs That Say Queens, New York
Queens has produced so many popular musicians, but the hometown borough doesn't always get the love reflected back in the music. Here are a five classic songs about Queens, New York, by local musicians who made it big in hip-hop, punk rock, and folk rock, plus one classic TV theme that says Queens in another way.

Swine Flu in Queens, New York
Swine flu outbreak in Queens, New York.

National Weather Service Forecast for Queens
For Queens, NY, get up-to-the-minute weather coverage, including wireless weather for PDAs.

"Go Wild in New York City" Book Review
Go Wild in New York City teaches children the science and history of NYC’s water, rocks, air, plants, bugs, animals, birds, fish, and food—and offers resources for helping to preserve them. Its ecological lessons are beautifully illustrated and engaging.

A Baysider's Ode To Queens
Political humorist, poet, and Bayside resident Madeleine Begun Kane has written a poem in homage to Queens, New York.

US Census QuckFacts for Queens County
Basic census information for Queens, NY, from the US Census Bureau.

Old Farmer's Almanac - Long-Range Weather Forecasts
Gives long-range weather forecasts and other information. Limited information for free, or more for a small fee.

Home Prices and Demographics for Bayside, New York
An overview of Bayside housing prices and apartment rentals, along with demographic information on the neighborhood.

Best and Worst of Queens 2010 - Your Nominations
Who do you nominate for the best and the worst of Queens, New York, in 2010? Restaurants, neighborhoods, stores, news, politics, business, sports?

Who's the Oldest New Yorker?
Did you know that the oldest living thing in New York City is also the tallest living thing in New York City?

Roman Catholic Churches and Parishes in Queens, New York
Roman Catholic churches and parishes in Queens, New York.

Geography of Queens, New York
Queens is defined as a borough of New York City, but that's only its political geography. Its physical geography is shaped by its location on Long Island, a terminal moraine.

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