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Woodside - Photo Tour of the Neighborhood


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Catholic War Veterans
Catholic War Veterans near the LIRR station

Catholic War Veterans near the LIRR station

Photo (c) John Roleke
Woodside immigrant roots stretch back to the nineteenth century. There's the new Irish with a presence in Woodside, but the old Irish and generations of Irish-Americans dominated the neighborhood for much of the 20th century.

The well-used St. Sebastian's Post 870 Catholic War Veterans was founded in 1946, affiliated with St. Sebastian's Catholic Church, the local parish (founded in 1896).

Every Memorial Day at Doughboy Park, Woodside honors the neighborhood's servicemen and women who have fallen in defense of our nation. It's been said that more servicemen from the Woodside zip code died in the Vietnam War than from any other zip code in the United States.

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