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Photos of Jackson Heights Historic District


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Jackson Heights Historic District - The Greystones
Greystones Co-ops

Greystones Co-ops

John Roleke
Jackson Heights started in the 1910s and 1920s as a planned community of novel cooperative apartment buildings designed to let in plenty of light and air. The co-ops, which often surrounded their own private gardens, were a new idea, pioneered by the Queensboro Corporation to lure residents from Manhattan to what had been farmland.

Most pre–World War II co-ops and homes built by the Queensboro Corporation in Jackson Heights have been landmarked, and are now part of the Jackson Heights Historic District.

Unlike many other co-ops, the Greystones (pictured) do not have an interior garden. Built in 1917 and originally named simply the "Garden Apartments," the Greystones were the first of the famous Jackson Heights co-ops. They line 80th Street between 35th and 37th Avenues in Jackson Heights.

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