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Photos of Flushing, Queens


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Kissena Park in Flushing
Kissena Park

Kissena Lake in Kissena Park

Photo by John Roleke (c)
Kissena Park is a major park, but the vibe says undiscovered, neighborhood spot. Since a 2004 cleanup of Kissena Lake, it has been lovelier than ever. Walking paths surround the lake, branching off under shady trees toward basketball, bocce, and tennis courts. Along Booth Memorial Avenue there are baseball and soccer fields and a cricket pitch. Kissena Park even has a golf course and the only Velodrome in New York City.

Kissena Park Boundaries:

Kissena Park's boundaries are Rose and Oak Avenues on the north, Booth Memorial Avenue on the south, Kissena Boulevard on the west, and Fresh Meadows Lane on the east. The closest entrance for Kissena Lake is Oak Avenue and 164th Street. The Velodrome is at Booth Memorial and Parsons Boulevard. The golf course is from 164th Street to Fresh Meadows Lane. Kissena Park Corridor links Kissena Park westward to Queens Botanical Garden and Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

Getting to Kissena Park:

Subway/Train: The 7 subway and LIRR stop in downtown Flushing, but it's a hike down Kissena Boulevard to the park (take a bus).

Buses: Q65 runs down 164th Street. Or take Q17, 25, or 34 to Kissena Boulevard and walk east.

Driving: The LIE to Utopia Parkway (north) is easy enough, especially for golf course access. Parking is tough. There's a lot near the Velodrome at Booth Memorial and Parsons. Or try street parking. Best bet is 164th Street. The golf course has its own lot on Booth Memorial.

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