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Addisleigh Park Photos - Addisleigh Park in St. Albans


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Tudor Home in Addisleigh Park
Addisleigh Park

Classic Tudor in Addisleigh Park

Photo by John Roleke (c)
Addisleigh Park is a enclave in St. Albans, a neighborhood in southeastern Queens. The homes in Addisleigh Park are generally bigger and set on wider lots than in other parts of St. Albans. The Tudor style is common.

The area was developed in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Now it's an upper-middle class area, and one of the most desirable in southeastern Queens. It's also famous for the being the home of many jazz legends. (More on Addisleigh Park and jazz)

Addisleigh Park - Location

Addisleigh Park is between Sayres Avenue and Linden Boulevard, west of the LIRR train tracks. Occassionally, the area immediately east of the LIRR train tracks is also labelled Addisleigh Park, but its look and feel is different. It's simply St. Albans.
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