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Photos of People and Places in Queens, New York

These photo galleries of Queens tell the many stories of the borough in images.

Art Deco in Queens, New York
Art deco buildings and architecture in Queens, New York.

Share Your Favorite Queens, New York, Photo
Got a special photo of your neighborhood or anywhere in Queens? Upload your photo.See submissions

Woodside - Photo Tour of the Neighborhood
Woodside is a neighborhood out of central casting: very Queens, very old New York and new New York, very diverse, and very unexpected. Woodside's not a pretty neighborhood, but one that's worth exploring for its honest, work-a-day character.

Richmond Hill Photos
Photos of Richmond Hill in Queens, New York.

Photos of Elmhurst, Queens
Elmhurst, Queens, via a photo tour.

Photos of Forest Hills Gardens
Forest Hills Gardens is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Queens. Originally designed as a "garden city" for those of modest means, the private community is now quite pricey, though strolling and enjoying the architecture remain free.

Photos of Landmarks in Queens
Photos of famous landmarks in the New York City borough of Queens.

Photos of Jamaica, Queens
Photo gallery of downtown Jamaica, Queens.

Hunters Point, Long Island City: Neighborhood Photos of Hunters Point
Photo tour of Hunters Point, a neighborhood in Long Island City, Queens, New York.

Sunnyside Photos - Neighborhood Photos of Queens New York
Photos don't even do Sunnyside justice, but until you visit yourself, get to know Sunnyside through these photos and images of the neighborhood.

Where Can I Find Historical Photos of Queens, New York?
Places to obtain historical photos of Queens, New York, including photographs from the 1970s, 1960s, 1950s, 1940s, and earlier.

Photos of Jackson Heights Historic District
Jackson Heights started in the 1920s as a planned community of novel cooperative apartment buildings, designed to let in plenty of light and air, and often with a private, interior garden. Enjoy these photos of Jackson Heights Historic District.

Addisleigh Park - Photos of Addisleigh Park in St. Albans, Queens, New York
Photos of Addisleigh Park's beautiful Tudor homes. Addisleigh Park is a small section of the St. Albans neigborhood in southeastern Queens, New York.

Photos of Flushing, Queens - Photo Tour of Flushing
Photo tour of Flushing, Queens, highlighting the neighborhood's major attractions and landmarks.

Photo Gallery of Astoria, NY
Follow this link to a a gallery of photographs of Astoria. You'll see typical buildings and houses, churches, Astoria Park, and other landmarks.

Bayside Photos: Neighborhood Photographs of Bayside, New York
Photographs of homes and buildings in Bayside, a neighborhood in northeastern Queens, New York.

Middle Village Photos: Neighborhood Photographs of Middle Village, New York
Middle Village is a bustling neighborhood in western Queens, New York. These photos give a visual overview of Middle Village.

Maspeth, New York, Photos: Neighborhood Photos of Maspeth
The neighborhood of Maspeth, New York, is in western Queens, a borough of New York City. Enjoy these photos to get a sense of the neighborhood.

Photos of Ridgewood, NY
Ridgewood is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Queens, with great brick architecture from the 1910s and 1920s. It has a style more like Brooklyn than anywhere else in Queens. Enjoy these photos of buildings and life in Ridgewood.

Photos of Briarwood, NY: Queens Neighborhood Photos
These photos show the mix of housing styles in Briarwood, a neighborhood in Queens, NY. There are large "garden" apartment buildings, multi-family homes, row houses, and single-family dwellings, just around the corner from one another.

Photos of Gantry Plaza State Park
Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City has spectacular views of Manhattan. Its award-winning design has transformed former industrial space into a flourishing public park.

Photo Gallery of the 15th Annual Holi Parade in Richmond Hill
Indo-Caribbeans and Indians celebrate Holi, the Hindu New Year, with a colorful (literally) parade through Richmond Hill. (This celebration of spring is also known as Phagwah.) Check these photos of the 2004 celebration. The streets got tinged with color as revelers sprayed and doused one another with dye and powder.

Photos of School Sports Championships in Queens New York
Photo gallery celebrating the high school, middle school, and grade school sports teams that are the best of the best in Queens New York.

Photo of "Third Watch" Firehouse on Location in Long Island City
Ever wonder where that beautiful old firehouse is on the TV series Third Watch?

Photos of the 2007 NYC Marathon in Long Island City, Queens
Photos of the 2007 NYC Marathon in Long Island City, Queens

Queens County Farm Museum Photos
Photos of the Queens County Farm Museum, in Floral Park, Queens, New York.

Bridge and Tunnel Club's Photos of Queens Neighborhoods
The Bridge and Tunnel Club posts photo tours of Queens. Most are excellent "walks down" the main drag of a neighborhood. Pull up their map of Queens, and click on a neighborhood to explore.

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