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Howard Beach - Neighborhood Tour of Howard Beach in Queens, New York


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Howard Beach
Howard Beach

Typical mix of single-family homes in Howard Beach. The neighborhood feels more like eastern Queens than neighboring Ozone Park.

Photo (c) John Roleke
Howard Beach is a suburban neighborhood at the edge of Jamaica Bay in southern Queens. It's known for its AirTrain station that connects it to neighboring JFK Airport; notorious former resident John Gotti; and two widely publicized incidents of white-on-black violence (1986 and 2005).

However, it should be better known for its fascinating mix of geography -- Jamaica Bay, marshes, waterways, and canals -- and housing types -- from seaside cottages all the way up to high-rise buildings. It's a neighborhood full of families -- mainly Italian and Jewish -- who stay for years, even generations. The suburban yards, the seaside views, the AirTrain and subway, all while in New York City, add to the neighborhood's appeal.

Like most neighborhoods, there are distinct parts to Howard Beach:

  • Old Howard Beach
  • Cross Bay Boulevard - the commercial hub
  • Hamilton Beach
  • "New" Howard Beach
  • Lindenwood
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