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Woodhaven, Queens - Neighborhood Tour


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Woodhaven - The Neighborhood
Street scene in Woodhaven

Typical street of multi-family and single-family homes in Woodhaven.

Photo (c) Meg Cotner
Woodhaven is a neighborhood in central Queens, on the border with Brooklyn. It borders Forest Park to the north, Richmond Hill to the east at 98th St, and Ozone Park to the south at Atlantic Avenue. To the west at Eldert Lane is the Brooklyn neighborhood of Cypress Hills.

The neighborhood is fairly dense, with a mix of single-family and multi-family homes and apartment buildings. Originally developed in the mid-1800s, Woodhaven is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Queens. The subway extended to Woodhaven in the 1890s from Brooklyn. There are still Victorian homes well over a hunderd years old.

Residents represent the diverse mix of Queens, mainly European and Hispanic, but also African-American and Asian. The neighborhood in the 1950s and 1960s was primarily Irish, Italian, German, and Polish.

Schools in Woodhaven

  • P.S. 60 Woodhaven
  • P.S. 97 Forest Park
  • New York City Academy for Discovery
  • St Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic Elementary


Woodhaven has two subway stops on the J and Z subway line, along Jamaica Avenue. The A subway is close in neighboring Ozone Park.

Residents have easy access to the Jackie Robinson Parkway (formerly the Interboro). Wooodhaven Boulevard is the main north-south conduit, giving access to the Belt Parkway and Long Island Expressway.

More Woodhaven

  • Police - 102nd Precinct, 87-34 118th St, Richmond Hill, NY
  • Library - Queens Library, Woodhaven branch, 85-41 Forest Parkway
  • Community Board - 9
  • Zip Code - 11421
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