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Is East Elmhurst East of Elmhurst?


Question: Is East Elmhurst East of Elmhurst?
Answer: East Elmhurst, a neighborhood in Queens, New York, sounds like it should be east of Elmhurst, another neighborhood. Nope. It's not east. Well, it is northeast of Elmhurst, but east of Elmhurst is Corona.

When East Elmhurst was developed in 1905, the neighborhood of Elmhurst had already been around for over 200 years. Actually, the town of Newtown had been around since the mid-1600s, but it only gained the name Elmhurst in 1898 at the request of a real estate developer.

Why then was East Elmhurst given its name? I haven't been able to track down the answer, but I'll hazard a guess that another real estate developer in 1905 saw an opportunity to capitalize on the success of Elmhurst and link the two by name if not geography.

So Where Is East Elmhurst?

There's no doubt that the southern border of East Elmhurst is Northern Boulevard and the eastern border is Flushing Bay, the Grand Central Parkway and the Flushing Meadows Park's marina.

To the west, East Elmhurst's boundary with Jackson Heights is at 85th Street. This is the border that most residents would claim, and it is the border in the Encyclopedia of New York City edited by Kenneth T. Jackson. However, you will find many maps (like Google Maps) that based on zip code place its western border all the way to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) and the western side of La Guardia Airport. That mistakes hacks off a large swath of Jackson Heights.

East Elmhurst meets Corona to the south at Northern Boulevard (east of Junction Boulevard or 94th Street).

Where Is Elmhurst?

Elmhurst's northern boundary with Jackson Heights is at Roosevelt Avenue. To the east is Corona at Junction Boulevard. Woodside is to the west along 74th Street and the LIRR tracks. The new southern boundary is the Long Island Expressway (south of Queens Boulevard).
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