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Neighborhoods and Local Communities in Queens

Neighborhoods are the heart of Queens where long-term residents feel great loyalty to their local communities. Though Queens is a borough of New York City, our neighborhoods can feel like small towns. Learn about the many different neighborhoods of Queens, NY.
  1. Astoria
  2. Find a Home in Queens
  3. Floral Park (6)
  4. Flushing
  5. Forest Hills
  6. Jackson Heights
  7. Jamaica, Queens (13)
  8. Long Island City
  9. Middle Village (6)
  10. Neighborhood Tours
  11. Photos of Queens
  12. Your Tips About Queens Neighborhoods (36)

List of Neighborhoods and Landmarks in Queens
Brief list of Queens neighborhoods and major landmarks, including links to more detailed articles.

Queens Neighborhood Names and the U.S. Post Office
Learn how the U.S. Post Offices used zip codes to divide Queens into five zones, and the real neighborhood names.

Moving to Queens?: Astoria, Jackson Heights & Long Island City
These three neighborhoods in Queens, NY, are very close to Manhattan and great for commuting. This article compares living in Astoria, Jackson Heights, and Long Island City.

Howard Beach - Neighborhood Tour of Howard Beach in Queens, New York
Howard Beach in Queens, New York. A photo tour of the Howard Beach neighborhood.

Bayside Memories
Do you remember Bayside, Queens, New York? Folks who grew up in the neighborhood of Bayside, Queens, tell their stories about life in the old neighborhood. See submissions

Bellerose, Queens
Do you remember Bellerose, Queens, New York? Folks who grew up in the neighborhood of Bellerose, Queens, tell their stories about life in the old neighborhood.

Elmhurst in Queens, NY - Neighborhood Profile
Elmhurst is a complicated neighborhood in western Queens. It has come a long way since troubles in the 1980s, even longer since its colonial founding in the 1650s. Elmhurst is the thriving home of families -- middle class and working class -- housed in a mix of older multi-family homes, and co-op and apartment buildings. Immigrants, especially from Asia and Latin America, have made Elmhurst maybe the most diverse part of Queens.

Queens-Nassau Border Lands
Floral Park, Bellerose, and New Hyde Park are names of neighborhoods in both Queens and Nassau County. Back in nineteenth century, before Queens became part of NYC, the County of Queens included much of what is now Nassau County. These few neighborhoods still share names.

Forest Hills - Neighborhood Profile - Queens, New York
Forest Hills, a neighborhood in central Queens, has three distinct parts. This profile covers beautiful Forest Hills Gardens, the adjoining area of single and multi-family homes, and the higher density apartment buildings and co-ops on the north side of Queens Boulevard. Plus area shopping and neighborhood basics are covered.

Jackson Heights - Neighborhood Profile
Jackson Heights is a bustling neighborhood, famous for its garden apartment buildings and its diversity. Enjoy this neighborhood profile on Jackson Heights real estate, history, restaurants, and local institutions.

Maspeth, Queens: Neighborhood Profile of Maspeth in Queens, New York
Maspeth, New York, is a busy blue-collar neighborhood on the westernmost high ground of Queens, a borough of New York City.

Flushing: Neighborhood Profile of Flushing, New York
Flushing dominates the north central Queens, New York. It's the biggest urban center in the borough, and the growing heart of Chinese and Korean communities. This neighborhood profile of Flushing has the details on real estate, restaurants, and the geography of a neighbhorhood with a long history and an emerging present.

Bellerose neighborhood profile. Bellerose is a quiet, tree-lined suburban Queens neighborhood--it's easy to forget there's a parkway running through the middle of it.

St. Albans - Neighborhood Profile
St. Albans is a middle-class neighborhood in southeastern Queens, New York. The neighborhood is famous for the jazz legends who lived in its ritzy enclave Addisleigh Park. These days St. Albans is home to middle-class African Americans and growing numbers of Caribbean immigrants and Caribbean-Americans.

Long Island City: Neighborhoods and History of Long Island City, Queens, ...
Long Island City in western Queens has emerged as one of the most interesting areas in New York City. It has the arts, quick access to Manhattan, and more and more residential opportunities appearing amongst its many industries. Learn about Long Island City and its history and neighborhoods.

Floral Park
Floral Park is a beautiful, leafy suburban Queens neighborhood that lives up to its name. The area, sometimes called North Floral Park, looks a lot like its Nassau County neighbors, Floral Park Village, Floral Park Centre, and North New Hyde Park.

Douglas Manor
Douglas Manor is a beautiful neighborhood of Douglaston, in the extreme northeast corner of Queens, New York.

Queens Zip Codes
Queens zips codes by neighborhood

What songs say Queens, New York, to you?
What songs say Queens, New York, to you?

Where in Queens? | Guess the Neighborhoods
Play "Where in Queens?" - a weekly game of guessing the location and neighborhood where a photo was taken. All previous weeks of "Where in Queens?" are collected in this photo gallery. How many can you get right?

Why Is East Elmhurst North of Elmhurst?
East Elmhurst, a neighborhood in Queens, New York, sounds like it should be east of Elmhurst, another neighborhood. Nope. Well, it is northeast of Elmhurst, but east of Elmhurst is Corona.

Bayside - Queens Neighborhood Profile
Bayside, a neighborhood in northeastern Queens, is a commuter suburb with big city feet. When walking down Bell Boulevard, Bayside's crowded main thoroughfare, it's hard to believe that just one block away are quiet suburban lawns and one-family homes.

Sunnyside - Neighborhood Profile of Sunnyside, Queens, New York
Sunnyside, a neighborhood in western Queens, has two distinct parts. This profile covers beautiful Sunnyside Gardens and the higher density apartment buildings and co-ops on the north side of Queens Boulevard. Plus area shopping and neighborhood basics are covered.

Astoria, Queens: Neighborhood Profile of Astoria
Astoria is a popular neighborhood in northwest Queens, New York, which has kept its long-time residents while attracting new ones. It's convenient to Manhattan, safe, urban but with some space and greenery, and decent, but appreciating, real estate prices. Eating and cultural options have grown, ensuring its reputation as a gem of Queens.

Southside Queens - 50 Cent's Southside Queens - a.k.a South Jamaica
Southside Queens is what hip-hop star and rapper 50 Cent calls his old neighborhood. It's more commonly known as South Jamaica, Southside Jamaica, or just Southside.

Bayside: Neighborhood Profile
Read about the neighborhood of Bayside, in the northeast corner of Queens.

Hunters Point - Long Island City Neighborhood Profile
Profile of Hunters Point, a rapidly gentrifying, still industrial neighborhood in Long Island City, the western-most part of Queens.

Ridgewood, NY: Queens Neighborhood Profile
Profile of Ridgewood, a blue-collar neighborhood in Queens, on the Brooklyn border, in New York City.

Middle Village, NY: Queens Neighborhood Profile
Profile of Middle Village, a neighborhood in western Queens.

Briarwood: A Neighborhood Profile
Briarwood is known by some as the "hidden gem" of Queens because it has retained a low profile despite its many positive features. This neighborhood profile covers real estate, schools, shopping, eating out, and more for Briarwood, NY.

Bellerose, Queens
Bellerose in eastern Queens is a family-centered neighborhood on the border with Nassau County.

LeFrak City in Queens, NY
Description of LeFrak City, a gargantuan complex of 18-story buildings with 5,000 apartments, built on 40 acres of land, alongside the LIE in Corona, Queens.

Hillcrest, NY: Queens Neighborhood
Description of Hillcrest, NY, a residential neighborhood in the borough of Queens, between St. John's University and Queens Hospital Center.

Getting Your Bearings in Queens
This article introduces the geography and overall layout of the great borough of Queens, New York.

NY Times Queens Neigborhood Profiles
Check out these great profiles of neighborhoods around Queens. The NY Times covers everything from real estate prices to schools and more in areas around the borough, including Hollis Hills, Steinway, Forest Hills Gardens, Briarwood, Jamaica Hills, and Long Island City.

Best Map of Queens, New York
This is a good online map of Queens, NY showing the neighborhoods, highways, and major roads. You can easily zoom out to see all of NYC, and best of all, the graphics and words are clear. Unfortunately, you can't zoom in for detail, and there are a few mistakes with neighborhood names.

Here's another map that clearly shows the neighborhoods of Queens.

Queens, NY, Neighborhood Map
This is my favorite map showing the neighborhoods of Queens, NYC. There is an unmarked spot in eastern Queens, between Fresh Meadows and Oakland Gardens. This is no land of the lost roamed by wolf packs, but Cunningham Park, which watches over Union Turnpike.

The map is courtesy of the Queens Borough President's Office.

Woodhaven in Queens
Woodhaven residents give their opinions on the neighborhood of Woodhaven in Queens, New York.

Ridgewood, Queens
Ridgewood residents give their opinions on the neighborhood of Ridgewood in Queens, New York.

Maspeth, New York
Maspeth residents give their opinion on the neighborhood of Maspeth in Queens, New York.

Bayside, Queens
Bayside residents give their opinion on the neighborhood of Bayside in Queens, New York.

Floral Park, Queens: The Best and the Worst
Floral Park residents talk about their neighborhood on the eastern edge of New York City.

Sunnyside, Queens
Hear about the best and worst of the neighborhood Sunnyside.

You Grew Up in Queens, NY - Where Did You End Up?
Former residents of Queens, New York, share where they ended up living and memories of the old neighborhood. Add your story, too.

What's a Neighborhood?
Does a "neighborhood" in the borough of Queens actually mean anything to the bureaucracies of New York City?

What Neighborhoods Are in the Rockaways?
Find out which neighborhoods form the Rockaways, in Queens, New York.

Corona in Queens, New York
Find more about Corona in Queens, New York. Read about Corona and check out photos of the neighborhood.

5 Neighborhoods in Queens That You've Never Heard Of
Most neighborhoods in Queens aren't well known. Here are 5 neighborhoods in Queens that you haven't heard of, but should.

Woodhaven, Queens - Neighborhood Tour
Discover the neighborhood of Woodhaven, which borders Forest Park.

Glendale, Queens - Neighborhood Profile
Find out neighborhood basics about Glendale in western Queens.

Queens Village - Neighborhood Profile - Queens, NY
Queens Village is a quiet suburban neighborhood in eastern Queens, New York.

Kew Gardens in Queens, New York - Neighborhood Profile
Kew Gardens is a lovely neighborhood of curving streets, houses, and apartment buildings in the middle of the borough.

Broad Channel - Neighborhood Profile, Queens, New York
Broad Channel is maybe the most unusual neighborhood in all of Queens or even New York City. It's in the middle of Jamaica Bay, surrounded by water on all sides, connected to the rest of Queen by two bridge and one subway.

Breezy Point - Queens, New York, Neighborhood Profile
Breezy Point is a real beach town in NYC. The population of this Irish-American enclave triples during the summer months. Single-family homes predominate in a community that has much in common with beach towns in Nassau County.

Fresh Meadows - Queens Neighborhood Profile
Fresh Meadows is a suburban neighborhood in northeastern Queens, New York City.

North Shore Towers
North Shore Towers is in Glen Oaks, in northeast Queens. It's a private, gated community of three high-rise residential towers that dominate the suburban skyline.

Help the Rockaways and More Queens Neighborhoods Recover from Superstorm Sandy
Find ways to help the Rockaways and Queens recover from the devastation of Sandy.

Introducing the Neighborhoods of Queens, New York - A to E
Get a quick overview of the many neighborhoods of Queens, NY.

Douglaston, New York - Queens Neighborhood Profile
Douglaston in Queens, New York, is a leafy suburban neighborhood in northeast Queens. Douglaston residents are middle class and upper middle class. The peninsula of Douglas Manor is one of the most exclusive and expensive sections of Queens, New York.

Ozone Park - Neighborhood Profile
Ozone Park is a neighborhood in the southwestern corner of the New York City borough of Queens. It borders Woodhaven, Richmond Hill, South Ozone Park, Howard Beach, and Brooklyn.

Rego Park in Queens, New York
Rego Park is a neighborhood in central Queens. It's not as well-known as adjoining Forest Hills, but shares much with it.

Whitestone - Queens Neighborhood Profile
Whitestone is a middle-class and upper-middle class neighborhood in northern Queens. It's between the Whitestone and Throg's Neck Bridges.

Kew Gardens Hills
Kew Gardens Hills is a neighborhood in central Queens.

Hollis Hills
Hollis Hills is a suburban neighborhood in eastern Queens. Read the neighborhood profile.


Auburndale in Queens, New York
Auburndale is a small, little-known neighborhood in between downtown Flushing and suburban Bayside.

College Point in Queens, New York
College Point is a residential neighborhood with some industrial areas north of downtown Flushing.

Glen Oaks in Queens, New York
Glen Oaks is a suburban, residential neighborhood in eastern Queens.

Far Rockaway
Profile of Far Rockaways neighborhood in southeastern Queens.

Cambira Heights -
Cambria Heights is a middle-class suburban neighborhood in southeastern Queens, adjacent to Nassau County's Elmont.

Belle Harbor
Belle Harbor is a community in the Rockaways, Queens, New York.

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