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Long Island City in Queens, New York

Long Island City is one of the most vibrant parts of Queens, NY. Many people think Long Island City is just Hunters Point, but it's a huge area, actually at least 10 neighborhoods, going through an enormous change. Learn about living in Long Island City, and enjoy these photographs articles on its real estate, history, and neighborhoods.
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Long Island City: Neighborhoods and History of Long Island City, Queens, ...
Long Island City in western Queens has emerged as one of the most interesting areas in New York City. It has the arts, quick access to Manhattan, and more and more residential opportunities appearing amongst its many industries. Learn about Long Island City and its history and neighborhoods.

Long Island City Photos
Photos of Long Island City in Queens, New York. Recent photos of the greater Long Island City area.

Long Island City Restaurants
Long Island City restaurants grew quickly on Vernon Boulevard with the real estate boom in the 2000s. A few new greats have quickly joined the handful that has previously sustained the neighborhood.

Long Island City Art Tour: Museums and Art Galleries in Long Island City, ...
Tour of the art scene in Long Island City, the highest concentration of art in New York City, outside of Manhattan.

5Pointz - Graffiti art at 5Pointz
5Pointz - Showcase of graffiti art at 5Pointz in Long Island City, Queens, New York.

Long Island City - Afternoon in Long Island City
Long Island City in Queens has more and more options for a visitor to New York City to explore. So convenient to Midtown Manhattan you would kick yourself if you missed this dynamic outer-borough tourist experience where old meets new at the East River waterfront.

Hunters Point, LIC: Long Island City Neighborhood Profile
Profile of Hunters Point, a rapidly gentrifying, still industrial neighborhood in Long Island City, the western-most part of Queens, a borough of New York City.

Sweetleaf - Cafe in Long Island City
Sweetleaf is a tiny cafe that serves coffee lovers in Long Island City, Queens. Opened in 2008, Sweetleaf serves Stumptown coffee, and cares about each pour of java.

Shauna of Shauna Eats Sunnyside
Shauna of the blog Shauna Eats Sunnyside also writes freelance for About.com.

Hunters Point, Long Island City: Neighborhood Photos of Hunters Point
Photo tour of Hunters Point, a neighborhood in Long Island City, Queens, New York.

Shopping in Long Island City
Shopping in Long Island City? What! Does that neighborhood even have a grocery store? The Hunters Point section of Long Island City is in the midst of massive change. Residential high-rises have soared, restaurants and bars multiplied, and even a beach has opened up. Shopping has started to change, too. Visit these offbeat local shops when you want a unique gift for that special person.

Top 5 Lunch Spots Near PS 1 in Long Island City
Here are some popular neighborhood spots favored by Long Island City locals, all good for refueling after feasting your eyes (and ears) at PS 1's contemporary art exhibits.

Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City
Water Taxi Beach photos and review. New Yorkers in need of a little rest and relaxation don't have to venture far these days. The perfect summer getaway exists right here in Long Island City, Queens, at Water Taxi Beach, where locals of all ages can unwind and wriggle their toes in the sand without ever actually leaving the city.

Long Island City Map: Neighborhoods in Long Island City, Queens
Basic map of Long Island City, showing neighborhoods and some roads.

P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center
In Long Island City, P.S. 1 is an internationally renowned museum devoted to contemporary art. Except for Queens MOMA, it's the preeminent spot for art in the borough.

Lounge 47 in Long Island City
Lounge 47 in Hunters Point, Long Island City, is a great bar that serves food (a superior burger) and has a backyard patio.

Lil' Bistro 33 - Restaurant Review of Lil' Bistro 33 in Long Island City, ...
Lil' Bistro, a small but great French-Asian fusion restaurant, hides behind its modest stronefront, off in the hinterlands of Long Island City, almost so as to not betray the enormous delights that await inside.

Photo Gallery of Astoria, NY
Follow this link to a a gallery of photographs of Astoria. You'll see typical buildings and houses, churches, Astoria Park, and other landmarks.

Photo of "Third Watch" Firehouse on Location in Long Island City
Ever wonder where that beautiful old firehouse is on the TV series Third Watch?

Community site and forums for the Queens West towers and Hunters Point neighborhood.

Long Island City Alliance
Community group working to solve problems of problems of crime, garbage, overdevelopment, pollution, and overcrowding in Long Island City.

Sunnyside - Queens Neighborhood Profile
Learn about Sunnyside, a neighborhood in western Queens that's part of Long Island City, but close to Woodside.

Public Art in Western Queens
Photo tour of public art and monuments in Astoria and Long Island City.

Green Shores NYC
Green Shores is a community organization that improves and promotes the western Queens waterfront parks and shoreline.

36 Things to Do in Long Island City and Astoria
Here are some ideas for fun things to do in Long Island City and Astoria.

4 Hotels in Long Island City, New York
Long Island City is minutes away from Manhattan by subway, but the price in hotels can be way less. Here are five hotels to consider.


Dutch Kills - Queens Neighborhood Profile
Dutch Kills is a neighborhood in Long Island City that is centrally located and convenient to transportation but little known. Learn more.

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