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Celebrate New Year's Eve in Queens

Venues to Ring in the New Year


Here are a few of New Year's Eve events happening in Queens, NY, this year. These events are all confirmed for December 31, 2013, celebrating the new year of 2014!

What would I do? I might skip all the cover charges and try a pub in Woodside. Maybe Sean Og Tavern. It's sure to be packed at the bar and under the disco ball. (Sean Og Tavern, 60-02 Woodside Ave, Woodside, 718-899-3499).

Whatver you do on New Year's Eve, take the subway, get a car service, or depend on your teetotaling friends. Don't drive drunk.

If you want your New Year's Eve in Queens event listed here, please email all the details to queens@aboutguide.com. Happy New Year!

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