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History of Queens, NY: Famous and Everyday People, Places, and Events

Learn about the history of Queens, NY, and the famous people who were born, grew up, lived, and died in the borough.
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Local History in Queens, New York
Can you spot local history in Queens, New York? Readers share.

Where Can I Find Historical Photos of Queens, New York?
Places to obtain historical photos of Queens, New York, including photographs from the 1970s, 1960s, 1950s, 1940s, and earlier.

Long Island City History
The history of Long Island City in western Queens is the history of its change and the history of transportation. This article has the basic historical facts about LIC.

Who Is the King of Corona?
The Queen of Corona was made famous in a song, but how did the King of Corona earn his crown?

Who is the Queen of Corona?
If there's a King of Corona, there's bound to be a Queen.

Who is the King of Queens?
Not only does our borough boast a Lemon Ice King of Corona, but Queens itself has a King.

Where Did Archie Bunker Live?
One of the most famous residents of Queens was a TV character: Archie Bunker.

Mary Ping, Fashion Designer: Interview with Mary Ping
Mary Ping, fashion designer, talks with Queens.About.com about her work and Woodside, Queens.

Southside Queens - 50 Cent's Southside Queens - a.k.a South Jamaica
Southside Queens is what hip-hop star and rapper 50 Cent calls his old neighborhood. It's more commonly known as South Jamaica, Southside Jamaica, or just Southside.

Run D.M.C.
All three members of the great hip-hop group Run D.M.C. grew up in middle-class Hollis, Queens. We are sad to note the passing of DJ Jam Master Jay.

Amazing Race 6 To Feature Two Contestants from Queens
Maria Sampogna and Meredith Tufaro of Queens, New York, will be one of the teams on the sixth season of The Amazing Race on CBS.

The Ramones
The legendary punk band The Ramones grew up in Rockaway Beach in southern Queens. Here's a site with their discography and other info for fans.

Map of Queens, Circa 1940
Check out what Queens looked like in 1940.

Donald J. Trump - Biography
Donald Trump is one of the most famous people to be raised in Queens, New York.

The World's Fair in Queens, New York
The World's Fair was held twice in Queens, once in 1939/1940 and again in 1964/1965 at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. These are the only World's Fairs ever to be held over two seasons.

Greater Astoria Historical Society
The Greater Astoria Historical Society works to preserve and share the local history of Astoria and Long Island City with the world.

History of Queens, New York
Queens in New York City has a history going back beyond colonial times.

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