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Who Is the Queens Borough President?


Question: Who Is the Queens Borough President?

Helen M. Marshall (Democrat) is the current borough president of Queens and the 18th borough president overall. She was elected Queens Borough President in 2001, and re-elected in 2005. Her current four-year term ends in early 2010.

Prior to serving as borough president, Marshall had served in the New York State Assembly for five terms, and in the City Council for 10 years.

What Is a Borough President?

The office was created in 1898 when the New York City expanded to include Queens and the other boroughs. Originally, the borough presidents had a vote on the New York City Board of Estimate, which approved budgets and land use.

The borough president's power has decreased rapidly since 1990, when the city's charter was altered, closing the Board of Estimate. Borough presidents now only control a small discretionary budget, and can appoint a member to the New York City Board of Education. (From 2002 to 2009 there was no Board of Education and therefore no power for the borough president.)

The office is borough president is essentially ceremonial. They advocate their borough with the city and state governments as well as in the business world.

Queens Borough Presidents

  • Frederick Bowley, 1898-1901
  • Joseph Cassidy, 1902-05
  • Joseph Bermel, 1906-08
  • Lawrence Gresser, 1908-11
  • Maurice E. Connolly, 1911-28
  • Bernard M. Patten, 1928
  • George U. Harvey, 1929-41
  • James A. Burke, 1942-49
  • Maurice A. FitzGerald, 1950-51
  • Joseph F. Mafera, 1951
  • James A. Lundy, 1952-57
  • James J. Crisona, 1958-59
  • John T. Clancy, 1959-62
  • Mario J. Cariello, 1963-68
  • Sidney Leviss, 1969-71
  • Donald Manes, 1971-86
  • Claire Shulman, 1986-2001
  • Helen M. Marshall, 2002-current

About Helen M. Marshall - Queens Borough President

The office of the Queens Borough President is at Borough Hall in Kew Gardens: 120-55 Queens Boulevard Kew Gardens, NY 11424. The website is: http://www.queensbp.org/

Marshall recevied her undergraduate degree from Queens College. She is a native New Yorker and represented Queens in the State Assembly and City Council prior to becoming Borough President. She lives in East Elmhurst, Queens.

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