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Getting Around Queens, NY: Map and Transportation Resources

Find out how to navigate the streets, subways, airports, and other thoroughfares of Queens, New York. This page includes links to some of the best maps of Queens.
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  2. Commuting: Subway and Bus (9)
  3. Transit Strike Survival (7)

Highways and Byways of Queens, New York
Basics on major expressways, parkways, and boulevards.

Getting Your Bearings in Queens
This brief orientation to Queens, New York, includes information on neighborhoods, streets, landmarks, postal zones, highways, and other geography to help you navigate the borough.

Long Island City Map: Neighborhoods in Long Island City, Queens
Basic map of Long Island City, showing neighborhoods and some roads.

RFK Bridge - Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Bridge
It's no longer the Triborough Bridge. Its name is now the RFK Bridge. It connects Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx, three boroughs of New York City.

Jackie Robinson Parkway
Information on the Jackie Robinson Parkway, previously known as the Interboro Parkway.

Does anyone really believe in the Queens One Way?
What do you think about the Queens One Way driving maneuver?

Queens One Way
The Queens one way is a term for a driving behavior endemic in the borough of Queens, New York City.

Bicycle Maps
Bicycle maps from the NYC Department of Transportation.

JFK Airport: The Basics and Driving Directions
Find basic information on flights to and from JFK Airport and directions to reach JFK by car.

Best Map of Queens, New York
This is a good online map of Queens, NY showing the neighborhoods, highways, and major roads. You can easily zoom out to see all of NYC, and best of all, the graphics and words are clear. Unfortunately, you can't zoom in for detail, and there are a few mistakes with neighborhood names.

Here's another map that clearly shows the neighborhoods of Queens.

Highway Guide for NYC Region
This site lists all the major highways in the NY metro region, and gives their exit names and numbers.

Map of Queens
This map, courtesy of NYC & Co (the city's tourist bureau) gives a good overall image of the borough, plus contains great informative links to its attractions and neighborhoods.

Metropolitan Transit Authority
Find out the latest about the subway, buses, trains, and ferries operated by the Metropolitan Transit Authority, New York City's mass transit provider. Maps, schedules, service stops, fares, rules, and regulations are all available through their website. The site details information on the buses, subways, and commuter rail (LIRR) service in Queens.

Queens, NY, Neighborhood Map
This is my favorite map showing the neighborhoods of Queens, NYC. There is an unmarked spot in eastern Queens, between Fresh Meadows and Oakland Gardens. This is no land of the lost roamed by wolf packs, but Cunningham Park, which watches over Union Turnpike.

The map is courtesy of the Queens Borough President's Office.

Map of Queens, Circa 1940
Check out what Queens looked like in 1940.

Map of Bloggers in Queens, New York
Use this map to find Queens residents writing blogs. Maybe you'll find one is your neighbor!

NewYorkLimo.com is an online reservation service for car service, limousines, and private buses for the New York metropolitan region, including service from airports to hotels and New York City tours. Also contact the website for information on wedding limousines and prom night transportation.

NYC Transit Strike and Queens - How To Survive a Subway and Bus Strike in ...
Navigating Queens in the event of an MTA Transit stike.

Recommended Mechanics in Queens, New York
Find mechanics and auto repairs shops recommended by residents of Queens, New York.

Subway Travel in Astoria and Long Island City
Subways in Astoria and Long Island City, Queens.

Throgs Neck Bridge
The Throgs Neck Bridge is a suspension bridge that links Queens to the Bronx, via I-295, spanning the East River. The bridge links Long Island (Queens) to the mainland (the Bronx). More than a 100,000 vehicles on average cross the bridge each day.

Maps of Queens, New York
Find some resources on maps of Queens, especially neighborhood maps.

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