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Best Burgers in Forest Hills

Three Neighborhood Eateries Where the Meat Is Juicy and the Beer Is Cold


In lively, diverse Forest Hills, we have decent Thai and Chinese, some of the best pizza in the city, and quite possibly the highest concentration of Bukharian (Central Asian Jewish) restaurants outside of, well, Central Asia. Some days, though, you know what you want and it's not a lamb-testicle kebab. Only a big, fat, true-blue burger will do, with fries, of course, and a cold one too. Here are four local spots guaranteed to satisfy your next hamburger hankering.

Dirty Pierre's

Station Square in Forest Hills Gardens
Photo (c) John Roleke. On left, corner of building with Dirty Pierre's in Station Square.
Tucked away in Station Square, this little place is as much a bar as it is a restaurant. The décor -- blue walls, tinsel and Christmas lights, art posters, and random ceramic statues -- is eclectic, to put it kindly. To put it less kindly, it feels like eating dinner in a semi-finished suburban basement.

But Dirty Pierre's dive-y vibe is key to its appeal: on those days when you don't want fancy, you can be sure of not finding it here. The burger ($10), served on an English muffin, is well-seasoned, a bit greasy, and very satisfying. The thin-cut fries are basic, but good. Wash it all down with an ice-cold Yuengling. Try to come on Sunday, when the burger is just $6.

  • Dirty Pierre's, 15 Continental Ave, Forest Hills, NY 11375, 718-830-9698

Irish Cottage

Irish Cottage - Forest Hills
Photo (c) Sarah Kiino
Perhaps better known as a prime viewing spot for drunken meat-head spats, Irish Cottage offers surprisingly edible pub grub along with the "entertainment." You certainly can't go wrong with the burger ($11) and its backyard barbecue, charcoal-grilled flavor. Super-thick fries usually aren't my thing, but the fat wedges served here are delicious -- crisp on the outside, creamy on the inside.

The obvious choice of beverage, of course, is Guinness, but mix things up a bit with the smooth, nutty Smithwick's Irish Ale, also available on tap. Oh, and some nights, the Cottage features real entertainment (if a guy with a guitar crooning U2 and REM covers qualifies).

  • Irish Cottage, 10807 72nd Ave, Forest Hills, NY 11375, 718-268-1329

Danny Brown Wine Bar & Kitchen

This ambitious, well-designed restaurant opened in 2006 on Metropolitan Avenue, and has since become a favorite destination for Forest Hills foodies. But Danny Brown doesn't just serve the neighborhood's best (okay, only) selection of charcuterie and the yummiest chicken on the planet; he also turns out a pretty kick-ass burger ($13). The meat is equal parts short rib -- which contributes fat and flavor -- and sirloin, and has a distinctly tender texture. It's served on an English muffin alongside a pile of double-fried shoestring fries. Skip the beer and ask for a wine recommendation instead (I had the 2005 Forca Cotes du Roussillon).
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