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Top 3 Dim Sum Restaurants in Flushing Chinatown

Great Dim Sum in Queens


Dim sum is an excellent way to celebrate a weekend morning. This Chinese, mainly Cantonese, meal lets you sample lots of nibbles and snacks and share a pot of tea and catch up with friends and family. These three dim sum restaurants in Flushing, Queens, serve some of the best dim sum in New York, but at prices unknown in Manhattan.

Expect to pay $10-$15 per person. The best advice is to arrive early on Saturday and Sundays for dim sum, as early as you can muster. Nine a.m. seems about ideal with most of the dim sum carts making the rounds, but none of the crowds and plenty of parking still available.

1. Gala Manor

Gala Manor Dim Sum in Flushing
Photo (c) J. Roleke
Gala Manor is a class act you can depend upon for fresh dim sum and good service. Despite its Main Street address and bright decor, the second-floor restaurant has a gracious atmosphere.

Customer service is superior: after we had inquired about char siu bao (pork buns), the very next cart bearing them came right to our table. And the hearty shu mai is a must, and as we were leaving, an intriguing whole crab special circulated the packed room. One nice point on the two-story layout: if you arrive late, the line forms mostly inside the restaurant's first-floor lobby.

  • Address - Gala Manor, 37-02 Main St, Flushing, NY 11354 - 718-888-9232
  • Main Entrance - 37th Ave, between Main and Prince Sts
  • Parking lot: 36-15 Prince St

2. Gum Fung - CLOSED

Gum Fung
Photo (c) John Roleke
  • Closed - Gum Fung has closed its doors, replaced by Jade Asian, also serving dim sum, but not yet reviewed.
Hard to miss, Gum Fung is a large dim sum and Cantonese restaurant across from the municipal parking lot on 39th Ave. Expect to see birthday balloons and family gatherings at its large round tables. Generally the dim sum is superior, though there has been a cart or two that have circled too long. When the just cooked pot stickers are brought by, make sure to grab a dish, or go to the table at the back wall to pick up a fresh batch.
  • Address - Gum Fung, 136-28 39th Ave, Flushing, NY - 718-762-8821

3. Ocean Jewels Seafood Restaurant

Ocean Jewels Dim Sum
Photo (c) J. Roleke
Ocean Jewels is a place that we wanted to like a lot. The decor is more contemporary and the vibe more hip than its dim sum neighborhoods, but the service just doesn't compare. There are a couple dead zones in the secondary room where the unlucky get to watch dim sum carts scoot beyond reach. On the plus side, they serve an interesting shrimp dumpling given a second coat of dumpling folded and shaped like a flower bud.
  • Address - Ocean Jewels Seafood Restaurant, 133-30 39th Ave, Flushing, 718-359-8600
  • Restaurant is across the street from the Flushing Mall
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