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The Lemon Ice King of Corona

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King of Corona

The Lemon Ice King of Corona

John Roleke

The Bottom Line

One of the tastiest ways to beat the heat and humidity of an NYC summer is with a cool, sweet Italian ice. The Lemon Ice King of Corona has been serving some of the best from its corner counter for generations. The ice and the price is right, and the place has a vibe that works. Nothing fancy, just fruit- and chocolate-flavored ice served in paper cups. Grab your ice and stroll to the tiny, little nearby park for the local scene. There's a bocce court and plenty of Queens attitude.


  • Very tasty Italian ices
  • Great Queens institution
  • Local tiny park and cool old Italian neighborhood in Latino Corona


  • Parking can be tough


  • Address - 52-02 108th Street (at the corner of Corona Avenue and 52nd/Strong Avenue), Corona, NY.
  • By Subway - Take the 7 subway to 111th Street and walk south 1/2 mile.
  • By Car - Take the LIE to the 108th Street Exit and go north eight blocks.
  • When made best, the fruit ices have real peel and leaves and fruit chunks for the greatest flavor.

Guide Review - The Lemon Ice King of Corona

Some people just don't get Queens. They say the housing isn't as pretty as Brooklyn, and there can only be one Manhattan or center of the universe. They roll their eyes, and stay in Williamsburg. Unless that is, they get to the Lemon Ice King.

There's nothing fancy, nothing even that extra-ordinary about the ices. They are delish, come in fruit and chocolate flavors, and start at $1 for a small paper-cupful. It's a no-nonsense establishment (ice is all they do), perfectly set in a teeming Queens neighborhood full of Italian pork stores, small businesses, and booming Dominican merengue. The experience is the ice and strolling around the neighborhood.

Across the street, older men play bocce in a small (but great) park where the benches seem made to order for enjoying a lemon ice. Go a few blocks and you can see the rockets of the NY Hall of Science (walk east). Poke your head into local establishments and head home with freshly made mozzarella.

This Corona neighborhood is authentic and thriving and in no need of gentrification. And maybe it's enough to turn a hipster into a Queens booster.

The Lemon Ice King draws visitors from throughout the tri-state region, especially families who left the area and now return for an ice and old memories. It's close to Shea Stadium, the US Open, the Corona side of Flushing Meadows Park, and the Louis Armstrong Museum.

What more can be said, besides go try an ice. Lemon is sure to please, but make mine rainbow.

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 5 out of 5
Lemon ice king, Member Picolinanicolina

Hands down the best place to go on a hot summer night...The line can be long at times but it's well worth the wait..Plus the line is part of the experience..I always get a small ice then go across the street to watch the old men play bocce ball and then walk back across and get a second ice! I have been going to Lemon Ice King since I was a kid and take everyone I know who has never been to L.I.K! Nicolina Cartolano

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