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Eating Out: Guide to Restaurants and Dining in Queens, NY

Queens has some of the best eating in the whole world, mostly because the world has come to Queens. Immigrants have brought the best of the world's cooking to our borough. You can find great places for take-out, fancy restaurants with views of Manhattan, and everything in between. Check out these restaurant reviews and more.
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Eating Out in Queens - Recommendations and Resources
Restaurants in Queens are amazingly diverse and delicious. This article describes my favorite Queens restaurants. Plus there are resources on finding the best food in Queens.

Best Breakfasts in Queens
Here's a rundown of some of the best breakfast joints in Queens. The food is so good in this borough, there's no way that breakfast should ever disappoint.

Eating in Astoria, Queens: Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries, and Markets
Astoria is a neighborhood often on the tongues of New Yorkers who love to eat. It's more casual and cheaper than Manhattan, the ethnic foods are more traditional and less nouveau, and there's a great neighborhood vibe. Here are recommendations for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and markets.

Forest Hills Restaurants and Bars
Forest Hills is thick with restaurants, especially on Austin Street. The range and quality of restaurants in Forest Hills is among the best in the borough of Queens, New York.

Restaurant Week in Queens
Restaurant Week in Queens, New York this September. Enjoy dinner specials at participating restaurants throughout Queens.

Top 5 Thai Restaurants in New York City
The top five Thai restaurants in New York City, most of which are in Queens.

Best Greek Restaurants in Astoria
Astoria is famous for its Greek restaurants and traditional Greek food. But in a neighborhood where pita bread and olive oil take the place of bread and butter, originality is key to a successful Greek eatery. From moussaka to beeftekia, tzatziki to saganaki these five (non-fish-centric) Greek restaurants reign supreme.

Elmhurst, Queens, Restaurants
Reader picks for Elmhurst in Queens, New York

Sunnyside Restaurant Picks
Restaurant reader picks for Sunnyside in Queens, New York

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Queens, NY
What are the best family-friendly and budget-friendly family restaurants in Queens, New York? Readers give their favorite family restaurants in their neighborhoods.

Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Queens
Need a family-friendly, kid-friendly meal out in a big way? It can be fun to bring the kids to a restaurant that doesn't have a drive-thru or a "happy meal." Battle the cabin fever with these family-friendly Queens restaurants. What does that mean? Quick service, food that kids and grown-ups get excited about, some elbow room, friendly staff, and the occasional crayon.

What's the Best Restaurant in Woodside, New York?
What's the best restaurant in Woodside, Queens? Your favorite local diner? Best Thai? Favorite place for a slice or a burger? Reader recommendations for restaurants in Woodside, Queens.

Woodside Restaurants
Woodside restaurants are known far and wide in New York. A couple restaurants -- especially Sripraphai -- are probably much better known than the no-nonsense Woodside neighborhood itself. Come to Woodside for great eats, authentic tastes, and reasonable prices.

Queens Restaurant Week Picks
Reader picks for Queens Restaurant Week

Bayside Restaurants
Bayside's restaurants cluster along Bell Boulevard. In this dense, middle class neighborhood in northeastern Queens, you will find more upscale choices. It may surpise you, however, how many hole-in-the-wall, but delciious joints there.

Restaurants in Long Island City
Long Island City restaurants developed quickly on Vernon Boulevard with the real estate boom in the 2000s. A few new greats have quickly joined the handful that has previously sustained the neighborhood.

Jamaica Queens Restaurants
Jamaica, Queens, restaurants recommended by local eaters and residents.

Restaurants in Floral Park
Restaurants in Floral Park with comments from local eaters and residents.

Recommend a Grocery or Market in Queens, New York
Find supermarkets and local food markets recommended by residents of Queens, New York.

Floral Park Restaurants
Floral Park Restaurants - Tastes in the Far Eastern Slice of New York City

What Are Your Favorite Long Island City Restaurants?
Your Favorite Long Island City Restaurants

What's the Best Breakfast in Queens, New York?
What's the best breakfast in Queens? At your local diner? Or the bacon, egg, and cheese at your favorite deli?

Restaurants in Bayside, Queens
Restaurants in Bayside, Queens, recommended by local eaters and residents.

Sunnyside Eats on a Budget
Dining in Sunnyside is all about options. In a community increasingly defined by its diversity, it's not uncommon to find on a single block of Queens Boulevard a South Asian grocer, a Turkish restaurant, a Hungarian smoked-meat market, a Korean frozen-yogurt parlor, a Tex-Mex café, and an Irish pub.

During these times of …

NYC Summer Restaurant Week in Queens, New York
The only Queens restaurant participating in NYC's Summer Restaurant Week is Water's Edge in Long Island City. Enjoy three-course lunches for $24.07 and three-course dinners for $35.00 (beverage, tax, and tip additional). It's a great deal, especially for enjoying the amazing Manhattan skyline views from Water's Edge.

Mother's Day in Astoria
Mother's Day in Astoria? Yes. Staying in the neighborhood makes your life easier: you'll have less trouble getting a reservation on one of the busiest restaurant days of the year, and you don't have to fret the bill so much as you avoid the unreasonable prix fixe "specials" a lot of Manhattan restaurants will be running on Mother's Day. More...

Top Sushi in Central Queens
Finding sushi in Central Queens isn't a problem. Stroll down Queens Boulevard, Austin Street, or Metropolitan Avenue and you'll run into a bunch of sushi joints. Finding good sushi, though, is a whole lot trickier.

Hopefully, you know to avoid places advertising "50% off" on the awning, as well as sushi bars stuck in locations they don't belong (i.e. Chinese restaurants). But still, trackin…

Best 5 Splurge Restaurants in Astoria
Recession fears got you frowning? Well, there are still special occasions that must be celebrated! Just be smart about it. Do your splurge dinner, the birthday bash, and that anniversary date in one of Astoria's finer restaurants. Although considered pricey by neighborhood standards, these five Astoria restaurants will not break the bank, but give you (at least) the quality you would expect on…

Festive Food in Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill's annual Phagwah Parade offers occasion to try some fascinating food from Guyana -- the homeland of many parade participants -- as well as Trinidad, Jamaica, and elsewhere in the West Indies. Here are some picks for rotis, curries, and more eats in Richmond Hill restaurants.

Ethnic Eats in Elmhurst
Ethnic restaurants in Elmhurst, Queens, the far-flung favorites include Thai, Argentinean, and Indonesian restaurants. How is it that so many New York food lovers manage to miss out on Elmhurst? It's home to vibrant communities from Thailand, Argentina, and Indonesia, and you can enjoy fine examples of all three cuisines, as well as intriguing food from other distant reaches of the globe.

Dave Cook - Bio
Dave Cook is the author of the website Eating in Translation, devoted to his quest for interesting food from all over the world, which he finds often without leaving New York. He's a guest writer for the Queens at About.com.

NYC Winter Restaurant Week in Queens, New York
The only Queens restaurant participating in NYC's Winter Restaurant Week is Water's Edge in Long Island City. Enjoy three-course lunches for $24.07 and three-course dinners for $35.00 (beverage, tax, and tip additional). It's a great deal, especially for enjoying the amazing Manhattan skyline views from Water's Edge.

Top 3 Dim Sum Restaurants in Flushing Chinatown
Dim sum that exquisite way to spend a weekend morning is at its finest in these three dim sum restaurants in Flushing, Queens, New York.

Top 5 Sandwiches in Astoria
The streets of Astoria, famed for their blend of cultures and cuisines, can be an exciting place to walk. If you don't want to break stride while you're exploring, stop at one of these tasty sandwich (or sandwich-ish) shops for a savory bite that won't slow you down.

Top 5 Lunch Spots Near PS 1 in Long Island City
Here are some popular neighborhood spots favored by Long Island City locals, all good for refueling after feasting your eyes (and ears) at PS 1's contemporary art exhibits.

Best Forest Hills Burgers
In lively, diverse Forest Hills, we have decent Thai and Chinese, some of the best pizza in the city, and quite possibly the highest concentration of Bukharian (Central Asian Jewish) restaurants outside of, well, Central Asia. Some days, though, you know what you want and it's not a lamb-testicle kebab. Only a big, fat, true-blue burger will do, with fries, of course, and a cold one too. Here are…

Restaurants and Bars Near St. John's University
Dining options near St. John's University have improved remarkably in the past few years.

Top 5 Grocery Stores in Astoria
If you're looking for a specialty ingredient, there's a good chance you can find it here in Astoria at one of these great grocery stores. The biggest and best grocery stores are on or around 30th Avenue, but a couple of smaller specialists are worth seeking out in other corners of the neighborhood.

Thanksgiving Dinner in Queens
A list of some of the restaurants where you can find turkey and all the trimmings on Thanksgiving. Also lists at least one restaurant that will cater Thanksgiving at your home.

13 Queens Restaurants in Michelin Guide for New York City
The first ever Michelin Guide to New York City included 13 restaurants in Queens.

Top Restaurant Picks for Queens Restaurant Week
Top Picks for Queens Restaurant Week. Queens bloggers, foodies, and the Chowhound Chief himself weigh in on the best eats for the borough's Restaurant Week.

Dining and Eating Well in Flushing's Chinatown
Downtown Flushing is the heart of NY's other Chinatown, and it's full of incredible eating. To get started, check this eating out page that covers restaurants and street vendors.

Dumplings in Flushing Chinatown
The top restaurants and snack bars for great Chinese dumplings and wontons in the Chinatown in Flushing, Queens, part of New York City.

Catered Thanksgiving Dinner in Queens, New York
List of Queens restaurants and markets catering Thanksgiving dinner.

Eating Like Queens - Book Review of Eating Like Queens by Suzanne Park
Eating Like Queens is a "foodie" bible for Queens, New York, detailing the cuisines of over 20 cultures with history, recipes, and mouth-watering descriptions that will send you on a beeline to the nearest place cooking up kebabs, samsas, arepas, or dim sum.

Best Bagels in Queens, New York: Two Great Bagel Shops
Two of the best bagel joints in Queens, NY.

Restaurants on the 7 Subway: Eat Your Way Through Queens
The number 7 train runs above some of the best restaurants in the great borough of Queens, on its way from Manhattan, through Long Island City, Jackson Heights, and Corona, past Shea Stadium, and into Flushing. Sure, the 7 is slow and crowded. But what's the sense in complaining when this subway line will bring you down Roosevelt Avenue to curries hot enough to cook themselves for prices you can't beat in Manhattan.

The Lemon Ice King of Corona
The Lemon Ice King of Corona

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden: An Urban Oasis in Astoria, Queens
The beer garden is one of the last outdoor beer gardens in New York City, and one of the best places to visit in Queens, whether for a cold pilsner or a hearty plate of Czech food.

Latin American Restaurants and Eats in Jackson Heights - An Eating Tour
A tour of Latin American restaurants, bakeries, and markets in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York.

Valentines in Queens - Romantic Restaurants and Things To Do for Valentines...
On Valentine's Day treat your honey to dinner or a night out at one of these romantic spots in Queens, New York.

Chowhound's Outer Boroughs Message Board
Check out the postings here to read the latest word on restaurants in NYC's outer boroughs. Most postings cover Queens and Brooklyn.

The Village Voice's Eats
The Voice has regular reviews of restaurants all over NYC with special note of the latest and greatest ethnic eateries in Queens. Its lists of top 100 cheap eats, Asian restaurants, and Latin restaurants are highly recommended.

Best Restaurants in Queens
Readers recommend the best restaurants in Queens, New York

Best Mexican Restaurants in Queens
Reader picks for the best Mexican restaurants in Queens, New York

Best Greek Restaurants in Queens
Reader picks for the best Greek restaurants in Queens, New York

Best and Worst Restaurants in Queens, New York
User reviews of restaurants -- the best and worst restaurants -- in Queens, New York. Look for restaurants recommendations in your neighborhood or discover ones in other neighborhoods of Queens.See submissions

Sushi - Best and Worst Sushi Restaurants in Queens
The best and worst sushi restaurants in Queens, New York, as picked by readers and residents of Queens.

Restaurants in Queens Restaurant Week
Restaurants in Queens Restaurant Week 2010 - Alphabetical listing

Best Italian Restaurants in Queens
Reader picks for the best Italian restaurants in Queens, New York

How-to Order Coffee Like a New Yorker
This is not about ordering at Starbucks. It's about the words New Yorkers use to order coffee at a deli. Good luck!

Great Coffee in Astoria
Here are the best places in Astoria and Long Island City for coffee. These days you can find excellent espresso, fabulous frappes, and gratifying Greek coffee in the neighborhood.

Best Restaurants in Queens
Here are my picks for the best restaurants in Queens, New York.

Great Burgers in Astoria and Long Island City
Find the best burgers in Astoria and Long Island City in this round-up.

Astoria's Outdoor Restaurants - Backyard Dining Spots
Enjoy the backyards, gardens, and patios of Astoria and Long Island City restaurants.

Mexican Food in Astoria
Here are some favorite Mexican restaurants and grills in Astoria, Queens.

Great Hot Dogs in Astoria
Some of our favorite hot dogs in Astoria, from regular old dogs to gourmet ones.

Excellent Veggie Burgers in Astoria
Find some of the best vegetarian burgers in Astoria.

Ice Cream and Gelato in Astoria and Long Island City
Here are some of the best places in Astoria and Long Island City, Queens, for ice cream, gelato, Italian ices, and frozen yogurt.

Ice Cream, Gelato, and Italian Ices in Queens, New York
Readers pick their favorite places for cool treats.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Astoria
Vegetarians looking for a restaurant in Astoria, rejoice! There are many options for vegetarians in Astoria, including Mundo, Seva, Il Bambino, Wave Thai, and The Queens Kickshaw.

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