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Top 7 Reasons To Live in Astoria, Queens


Astoria is one of the best neighborhoods in Queens. The last few years lots of young professional and hipsters have discovered the neighborhoods, but unlike parts of Brooklyn, they're not really gentrifying the neighborhood, just raising the demand for housing. Astoria has long been a favorite neighborhood with many families living there for generations. Here are a few of the many reasons to consider living in Astoria.

1. Close and Quick to Manhattan

Vehicles travel towards the Triboro Bridge December 20, 2005 in the Astoria neighborhood of New York City.
Anthony Correia/Getty Images News/Getty Images
Astoria is 15 minutes or less from Midtown Manhattan. The N and W subways lines run through the heart of the neighborhood, above 31st Street. It's also a hop, skip, and short drive over the Triborough Bridge to Harlem and to the Bronx. Why waste your non-work hours in a commute?

2. Real Estate Prices Much Less Than $1 Million for Average One-Bedroom Apartment

Brick Apartment Building
(c) J. Roleke
Sure, real estate in Astoria has boomed, but it's nothing like Manhattan. You can get a studio for $1000 or a one-bedroom for $1200. Of course, the more desirable locations in Astoria command higher rents: a one-bedroom for $1600 is not unheard of. But it's likely to be in a small building on a quiet street, down the block from a great Greek cafe.

3. Astoria Park and Manhattan Views

Astoria Bridge scene - Queensboro Bridge
Photo (c) Osvaldo Lora
What a great place for a park! Astoria Park is smack on the East River with gorgeous views of Upper Manhattan and the Queensboro and Hellgate Bridges. Weeknights come home to your apartment and walk on down to the riverside for an evening stroll (though always be careful at night alone). And Robert Moses' Astoria Pool is the king of all outdoor city pools.

4. Restaurants

Astoria has always been known for Greek food (it is the Greek capital of NYC), and lately it has gained a reputation for fine dining and innovative cooking. Manhattan transplants have opened up new stars like 718.

5. Bohemian Beer Hall and Garden

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden
John Roleke
The only old-school, big beer garden left in New York City, Bohemian Hall is wonderful. Turn off crazy urban 31st Street--the subway overhead--and escape into this huge beer garden with its shady trees, picnic tables, pitchers of icy beer, and platters of hearty Czech food and barbecue. It's a must on summer weekends with stein-thumping live folk music on many afternoons. Bohemia Beer Garden is a true urban oasis for families, visitors, and a cast of neighborhood regulars.

6. Museum of the Moving Image

Moving Image Museum
Photo (c) John Roleke
The arts are picking up steam in Astoria. Local culture is led by the innovative American Museum of the Moving Image. It is one of the finest museums in New York City for kids, for adults, and definitely for movie aficionados.

7. The Cannoli at La Guli Bakery

Yes, fresh cannoli are enough to get me to consider moving. The cannoli at Italian bakery La Guli are some of the best in NYC. Go to La Guli; you will not be disappointed. (2915 Ditmars, close to 31st St and the final stop of the N subway)
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