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Best of Queens 2013 - Readers Choice Awards

You vote for the best of the borough


Every year you get to nominate and vote on the best of Queens. This year the awards are part of About.com's Reader Choice Awards. Thank you for voting!

Announcing the Winners!

Readers Choice Awards
Readers Choice Awards

You nominated them. You voted for them. And here they are.... the winners of the 2013 Best of Queens About.com Readers Choice Awards!

Best New Place / Thing in Queens: SingleCut Beersmiths in Long Island City (SingleCut's website)

Best Arts / Music / Theater / Museum / Culture in Queens 2013: The Secret Theatre in Long Island City (The Secret Theatre's website) - The Secret Theatre has won Best in Queens three years in a row!

Best Restaurant in Queens 2013: Taverna Kyclades in Astoria (Taverna Kyclades's website)

Best Drinks in Queens 2013: Jack & Nellie's in Forest Hills (Jack & Nellie's website)

Congratulations to all the winners! And many thanks to you for voting and supporting your local faves!

Best in Queens 2013 Readers Choice Awards

Readers Choice Awards
Readers Choice Awards
Here's how the Best of Best of Queens 2013 About.com Readers Choice Awards work. There are four categories for the contest:

First, there was a nomination round. Then there's a voting round. Nominations started on January 14, 2013.

How do I nominate someone for Best of Queens Readers Choice Award?

For 2013, the Best of Queens, Readers Choice Awards, nominations opened January 14 and closed on February 11.

Starting on January 14, the nomination form was linked from this page. The nomination forms were announced in the free, weekly email newsletter. Sign up to stay in the loop. You will also find announcements on Facebook, Twitter, and blog.

The nomination period ended on February 11, 2013. The last day to nominate someone or something for Best of Queens 2013, Readers Choice Awards, was Monday, February 11. No exceptions.

Not all nominees will go on to the voting round.

How do I vote for Best of Queens Readers Choice Awards?

Voting opens on Tuesday, February 19, 2013. You will find a link below on this page to the online voting place. There will be announcements in the free, weekly email newsletter. Sign up to stay in the loop.

Voting closes on March 19, 2013. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, March 27. Of course, there will be an announcement in the newsletter, blog, and social media.

Best of Queens From Years Past

Did you notice that there's no Worst of Queens for 2012? That's not because Queens is a perfect place to live! It's got its warts for sure. But we resolved to be positive this year ...at least with voting. If you want voice a "Worst of Queens," email me at queens@aboutguide.com.

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