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Neighborhoods of Queens, New York - Queens, NY - About.com
Neighborhoods of Queens, New York. Neighborhoods are Queens. No one is from "Queens," but from a particular neighborhood. It's home.
Neighborhoods and Local Communities in Queens - Queens, NY
Though Queens is a borough of New York City, our neighborhoods can feel like small towns. Learn about the many different neighborhoods of Queens, NY.
Neighborhoods of Queens - Queens, NY - About.com
Lists the major neighborhoods that make up Queens, New York. Also includes major landmarks in Queens.
Queens' Neighborhoods: Close to Manhattan
Three of the most popular neighborhoods in western Queens for those commuting to Manhattan are Astoria, Long Island City (LIC), and Jackson Heights .
Queens, NY, Neighborhood Names and the U.S. Post Office
Queens, New York, according to zip codes is divided into five major "cities" or zones, but residents only refer to their specific neighborhood names (and there are ...
5 Queens Neighborhoods That You've Never Heard Of - Queens, NY
Queens has been discovered over the years again and again...but most neighborhood are well known. Here are 5 neighborhoods in Queens that you haven't ...
Whitestone - Queens Neighborhood Profile of Whitestone, NY
Whitestone is a middle-class and upper-middle class neighborhood in northern Queens. It's situated between the Whitestone and Throg's Neck Bridges and ...
Bayside, Queens, New York - Neighborhood Profile - Queens, NY
Bayside, a neighborhood in northeastern Queens, is a commuter suburb with big city feet. When walking down Bell Boulevard, Bayside's crowded main ...
Woodhaven, Queens - Neighborhood Tour - Queens, NY - About.com
Woodhaven is a neighborhood in central Queens, on the border with Brooklyn. It borders Forest Park to the north, Richmond Hill to the east at 98th St, and ...
Of Queens' Zip Codes by Neighborhoods - Queens, NY - About.com
Queens zips codes by neighborhood. ... The asterisk. * notes an "unofficial" neighborhood, at least unofficial according to the US Postal Service. Arverne zip  ...
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