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Long Island City: Neighborhoods and History
Long Island City in western Queens has emerged as one of the most interesting areas in New York City. It has the arts, quick access to Manhattan, and more and  ...
Long Island City in Queens, New York - Queens, NY - About.com
Long Island City is one of the most vibrant parts of Queens, NY. Many people think Long Island City is just Hunters Point, but it's a huge area, actually at least 10 ...
Neighborhood Map of Long Island City, Queens - Queens, NY
Long Island City is in Queens, New York, minutes away from Manhattan by subway, just across the East River and Roosevelt Island. The Queensboro or 59th ...
Long Island City Photos - Queens, NY - About.com
Photos of Long Island City in Queens, New York. Recent photos of the greater Long Island City area.
Long Island City - Afternoon in Long Island City - Queens, NY
Long Island City is the first neighborhood you reach in Queens coming from Midtown Manhattan. The best area for exploring, Hunters Point, is a historic ...
Long Island City Restaurants - Queens, NY - About.com
Long Island City restaurants, especially in Hunters Point, offer a great range of fancy and informal restaurants and a diverse set of cuisines. Here are reviews of  ...
4 Hotels in Long Island City, New York - Queens, NY - About.com
Long Island City is just across the East River from Manhattan. It's minutes away by subway, but the price in hotels can be dramatically less. Here are five to ...
Shopping in Long Island City - Queens, NY - About.com
Shopping in Long Island City? What! Stores amongst the industry? The Hunters Point section of Long Island City is in the midst of massive change. Residential ...
Long Island City Art Tour - Queens, NY - About.com
Tour of the art scene in Long Island City, the highest concentration of art in New York City, outside of Manhattan.
Sweetleaf Coffee and Tea - Cafe in Long Island City - Queens, NY
Sweetleaf is a tiny cafe that serves coffee lovers in Long Island City, Queens. Opened in 2008, Sweetleaf serves Stumptown coffee, and cares about each pour  ...
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