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JFK Airport: The Basics - Arrivals, Departures, and Terminals

JFK: Gateway to Queens, NYC, and the USA


The new JetBlue terminal is seen at John F. Kennedy International Airport on its first official day of operation October 22, 2008
Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images
John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK Airport) is one of the busiest airports in the world, each day welcoming thousands of passengers arriving and departing the United States. It also serves destinations throughout the US. Almost 32,000,000 passengers went through JFK in 2003. The airport, originally named Idlewild, changed its name in 1963 to honor the slain President John F. Kennedy.

JFK Flight Status
Follow links to current flight info from JFK Airport, including arrivals and departures:

Getting to JFK Airport

Need to Stay Near the Airport? JFK Hotels

JFK Terminals

  • Complete list of airline terminals at JFK
  • Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, and more - Terminal 1
  • Delta - Terminals 3 (and 2 for some first class)
  • Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America - Terminal 4
  • JetBlue Airways - Terminal 5
  • JetBlue (Dominican Republic, Mexico and St. Maartin ) - Departures at Terminal 5, arrivals at Terminal 4
  • British Airways - Terminal 7
  • United Airlines - Terminal 7
  • American Airlines - international flights - Terminal 8
  • American Airlines - domestic flights - Terminal 8
JFK Maps More: Driving Directions to JFK Airport
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