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Bakery Review: Lu Lu's Italian and American Bakery

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By Krissy Roleke

The Bottom Line

For great-tasting Italian pastries and cookies, you can't do much better than Lu Lu's Italian and American Bakery in Fresh Meadows. Stick around at this popular neighborhood bakery and enjoy some biscotti and espresso, or be the most popular guest at your next dinner party by showing up with a box of Lu Lu's goodies.


  • Delicious pastries and cookies
  • Has a few tables so you can sit and enjoy your treats
  • Serves cappuccino and espresso


  • Sometimes tough to park on Union Turnpike
  • You'll gain a lot of weight


  • Address - Lu Lu's Bakery, 185-26 Union Turnpike (just west of 188th Street), Fresh Meadows, NY
  • Phone - 718-454-4300
  • Fax - 718-454-4545
  • Hours - Open till 8 p.m. Thursday to Saturday; till 3 p.m. Sunday; till 5 p.m. Monday to Wednesday.
  • Parking is usually available on Union Turnpike, most often across the street from the bakery.
  • Located a long walk from the campus of St. John's University.
  • Bakes great wedding cakes and cakes for other special occasions.
  • Lu Lu's is one of the best bakeries in Queens, NY.

Guide Review - Bakery Review: Lu Lu's Italian and American Bakery

We Queens people love to brag about our bakeries. And Lu Lu's Italian and American Bakery in Fresh Meadows is a gem. (If you're ever in doubt of their expertise, there's a photo on the wall behind the counter of the owner as a young boy — baking a large cake.) Buy one of their delicious cakes for a special occasion (including wedding cakes), or order a box of classic Italian cookies or pastries (biscotti, florentines, croccantini, mini cheese cakes, tiramisu, cannoli). Better yet, stick around at one of their small tables and enjoy an "S" biscotti and cappuccino with cinnamon as you watch the neighborhood pass through.

Lu Lu's also attracts students from nearby St. John's University. Last time I went in there, I saw Lou Carnesecca, the legendary former St. John's basketball coach, sporting one of his trademark sweaters and introducing the Lu Lu's owner to a priest.

If you want a good Italian lunch or dinner before treating yourself to sweets, check out Acquista Trattoria (see link to review below), just up the block.

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