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Kissena Park Velodrome - Bike Racing in Queens


Bike racing

Racer in a time trial at Kissena Park Velodrome.

John Roleke

Bike Racing in Queens:

The Velodrome in Kissena Park (Flushing, Queens) reopened in 2004 after major renovations. This bike racing track, originally built for the 1964 Olympic trials, had been neglected until an overhaul in 2003. Now the beautiful 400-meter banked asphalt racing track features viewing stands, a fence, and a tower for race officials.

The Kissena Park Velodrome is full of racers from May through September, run by the Kissena Cycling Club.

Velodrome Schedule and Events:

The Kissena Cycling Club promotes events at the track. There are races throughout the week and on the weekend. Check the Kissena Cycling Club's Velodrome schedule for regular racing times and for after-school classes and free or public time. This public track is open to those with the proper track bikes, as well as professional racers.

Velodrome Track Rules:

All riders must wear ANSI- or Snell-approved helmets.

Only tracking racing bicycles are allowed on the track. They must have drop handlebars with plugs, a fixed gear and a lockring. That means you can't ride your mountain bike onto the track for kicks, no matter how fun it would be.

Minors must have a parent's signature of approval in order to compete.

Directions to the Kissena Park Velodrome by Subway (and Bicycle):

Take the 7 subway to the end of the line at Main Street in Flushing. Ride one mile south on Kissena Blvd to Kissena Park, turn left at Booth Memorial Ave, then left at Parsons Blvd to the Velodrome entrance.

Take the F subway to Parsons Blvd, go two miles north on Parsons Blvd, veer left on Kissena Blvd, right on Booth Memorial Ave, then left at Parsons Blvd to entrance; or stay on Parsons Blvd, cross LIE on pedestrian bridge at 159 St, then cross Booth Memorial Ave to entrance.

Directions to the Kissena Park Velodrome by Car:

  • Kissena Park Velodrome Address - Booth Memorial Avenue and Parson Boulevard, Flushing, NY
  • Map to Kissena Velodrome (Google Maps)
From the west (Manhattan), take the Long Island Expressway (LIE) east to Exit 24, continue on Horace Harding access road, turn left at Kissena Blvd., turn right at Booth Memorial Ave., then left at Parsons Blvd. to entrance.

From the east, take the LIE to Exit 24, follow Horace Harding access road, turn right at Parsons Blvd., cross Booth Memorial Ave. to entrance.

In the Neighborhood: Kissena Park and Flushing:

After cycling, check out the rest of Kissena Park. Every weekend there are plenty of cricket and soccer matches underway -- plus bocce, baseball, and softball. There's a pond and some short trails for strolling and biking.

After a workout, you will be very happy to discover the eating options in the neighborhood. Indian restaurants are close. The nearby Dosa Hutt serves dosas and idylls, great Indian snack food. There's a selection of pizzerias, Chinese take-out joints, and delis over on Kissena Boulevard (make a left from Booth Memorial). Or head into downtown Flushing, a mile away, to eat in Chinatown.

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