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A Tour of Jackson Heights: The Jackson Diner

The Jackson Diner


The Jackson Diner has become a New York institution over the past ten years. But don't let the name fool you. The Diner gained its incongruous name from its former location in what had been the neighborhood's greasy spoon. Its current spacious digs have luckily not dampened the quality of the food.

The restaurant serves typical northern Indian dishes -— curries and tandooris -— that are filling yet relatively light, not floating in a sea of ghee, the clarified butter that is the base of much Indian cooking. I recommend whole heartily the chicken tikka and the aloe gobi. Scan the menu carefully. There are a few uncommon delights tucked away. The mustard greens, oh the mustard greens. They're pungent and flavorful, and make me stand up at attention and then applaud.

The Jackson Diner only accepts cash, so come prepared. Dinner for two with appetizers and beer or mango lassis will run about $40, but you can spend much less and still walk out very pleased.

The Essentials
The Jackson Diner
37-47 74th St.
Jackson Heights, NY

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