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A Tour of Jackson Heights, A South Asian Neighborhood

Overview of Little India


The great borough of Queens is known for its polyglot ethnic neighborhoods. Often it seems that every immigrant group in Queens has at least one representative on a single block. But the Little India section of the Queens neighborhood of Jackson Heights is different.

Seventy-fourth Street between Roosevelt Avenue and 37th Avenue and the surrounding blocks are the heart of a South Asian neighborhood. Indians, Bangladeshis, and Pakistanis call this area home, and come here to shop and eat. It's the place for some of the highest quality Indian food in New York City; South Asian jewelry, clothes, and music; Bollywood films; and plain old people-watching. This is a great neighborhood for strolling and taking it all in.

Today's tour will visit:

Directions to Jackson Heights
But first you need to get there. The neighborhood is easily accessible by subway (V, R, G, E, F, 7) via the Roosevelt Avenue station. The E and F are express trains —- only three stops from midtown Manhattan —- but the 7 line has a most leisurely gait.

A car isn't the best means to breach the crowded streets of Jackson Heights. If you insist on driving, the BQE and Northern Boulevard are the nearest routes. Avoid navigating (a.k.a. "getting stuck") on Roosevelt Avenue at all costs, and try 37th Avenue for parking.

First Stop: Let's Eat! > The Jackson Diner

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