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Getting Your Bearings in Queens

Highways and Byways of Queens, New York


The 7 runs to Flushing and Corona

Take the 7 subway to Willets Point for Flushing Meadows Park.

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The major east-west expressways/parkways are the Long Island Expressway (LIE or 495), the Grand Central Parkway (GCP), and the Belt Parkway.
  • The LIE goes from the eastern end of Long Island to the Queens Midtown Tunnel (to midtown Manhattan).
  • The GCP (a.k.a. the Northern State Parkway) goes from the eastern end of Long Island to the Triborough Bridge (to the Bronx or East Harlem in Manhattan). The GCP is faster because trucks are not allowed.
  • The Belt Parkway runs from the Verrazano Narrows Bridge (to Staten Island) in Brooklyn, past JFK in Queens, and out to eastern Long Island (its name changes to the Southern State Parkway in Nassau County).
  • The narrow lanes of the Jackie Robinson Parkway (formerly known as the Interboro Parkway) run from Kew Gardens/Forest Hills to Ridgewood/Brooklyn.
  • The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE or 278) goes east (north) through Astoria to the Triborough Bridge, and west (south) to the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn (to the Lower East Side in Manhattan).
  • The always crowded Van Wyck Expressway / Whitestone Expressway (678) goes from JFK Airport to the Whitestone Bridge (to the Bronx).
  • The Cross-Island Parkway goes from the Throgs Neck Bridge to JFK airport, where it meets the Belt Parkway that heads west to Brooklyn, and the Southern State that goes east to the suburbs of Long Island.
  • The wonderfully traffic-free Clearview Expressway (295) goes from the Throgs Neck Bridge to Hillside Avenue in central Queens. Watch out for police ticketing speeders.

Major Boulevards
  • Queens Blvd. (25) goes east from the Queensboro Bridge and Queens Plaza to Jamaica.
  • Northern Blvd. (25A) goes east from Long Island City way out to the eastern end of Long Island.
  • Woodhaven Boulevard goes south from central Queens (Rego Park) to the Crossbay Blvd. (to the Rockaways).
  • Jamaica Bouevard traverses the center of Queens, from Brooklyn to Nassau County. It's renamed Jerhico Turnpike, east of the Cross Island Parkway. In Brooklyn, Jamaica Boulevard becomes E. New York Avenue.
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